10 Best Bullying and Incivility Strategies from 2022

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As 2022 comes to an end, we can look back and agree, bullying and incivility have finally received the attention they deserve. There is evidence that employees are burned out and leaving because of a toxic work culture.  As we wrap up the year, we would like to share ten strategies our team has published throughout the year so you can take action against bullying and incivility in your department. Why?  Because when the leader begins to address the problem, the good employees stay.

Here are ten strategies to cultivate a healthy work culture, aimed at addressing bullying and incivility, that were published as an article, video, or eBlast:

Articles focused on Bullying and Incivility Strategies

  1. How to Reduce Bullying, Burnout, and Turnover

Right after the McKinsey Report was published, we knew we had to act. We hosted a webinar on this topic (it was our highest attended webinar of 2022), shared the report results with our clients; and of course, wrote an article about it.

  1. 8 Primary Attributes of a Healthy Team

Although leaders need to address bullying and incivility, they also need to spend time and energy cultivating a healthy work culture by developing their team. In this article, we articulate eight attributes of a healthy team and include tips and strategies to develop each. We’ve made it easy for you to develop a health, high-performing team!

  1. How to Shift from a Negative to a Positive Work Culture

One of the most common complaints we hear is that some employees come to work every day with negativity. This negativity is so contagious it spreads amongst the team creating low morale, which then drives the good, positive employees out the door. So, we decided to tackle the issue in this article.

Coffee & Conversations About Nurse Bullying Videos

  1. Top Three Videos About Nurse Bullying (100th Episode)

On this episode of Coffee & Conversations about nurse bullying, we celebrated our 100th episode! I shared my three favorite videos of all time and gave you a behind the scenes look at the making of this video series. It was the most fun I’ve had recording videos! You won’t want to miss it.

  1. How to Change a Negative Work Culture

Are you experiencing a negative work culture where it feels like gloom and doom for your entire shift? What if I told you that despite the challenges you are facing, it does not have to be that way? On this episode of Coffee & Conversations, I spoke about how to change a negative work culture.

  1. How to Deal with the Huffers and Puffers

Do you have any huffers and puffers on your team? You know, the employees that huff and puff after reading the assignment board and then stomp down the hallway? If so, what do you do? Do you ignore them, change their assignment, or address their unprofessional behavior? On this episode, I shared three simple actions to take to deal with the huffers and puffers.

  1. What Bullying is and What it isn’t

Your co-worker is rude to you during a huddle – interrupts you while you are reviewing the priorities for the day, points her finger in your face and says, “you don’t know what you are talking about. Sometimes I wonder why you were ever put in charge in the first place.” Is your co-worker a bully? On this episode, I discussed what bullying is and what bullying is not.

EBlasts to our community (you should join!)

  1. It’s NOT a script (it’s a script…)

If you know me, you know that I love scripting. I pretty much have a script for every situation you might find yourself in when faced with disruptive behaviors, or any situation that involves confronting someone.

However, I saw this meme on Facebook that made me realize that it is okay sometimes to NOT have a script right away. It is okay to take time to compose your thoughts before responding. It is okay to remove yourself from the situation until emotions are calm. If you need to take a breath (or several), it is okay! Just don’t walk away without verbalizing you need some time.

Bullying and incivility

In a way, these actually are scripts you can use in the heat of the moment, when you don’t always remember to be your best self.

Remember, every conversation you have with someone is either building that relationship or tearing it down.

  1. Did you brush your teeth?

I came across a book many years ago, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, by Robert Fulghum, that still inspires me to this day. It was not a scholarly read with big words and tons of research. It was simple and easy.

And let’s face it, we can all use simple and easy in our lives right now. Not everything in life has to be complicated and complex.  Sometimes simplicity is key.

Just think back to when you were a child and the basic fundamentals you were taught. You were taught simple things like:

    • Share with others
    • Play nice
    • Clean up your toys
    • Wash your hands
    • Brush your teeth
    • Look both ways before crossing the street

Easy, right?

As adults, we do not have to be told anymore to look both ways before crossing the street, wash our hands (hopefully), and brush our teeth (again, hopefully). However, here are a few things we learned in kindergarten that some adults still need to be reminded of.

Bullying and incivility   Bullying and incivility  

Treating others nicely with kindness and respect should be easy, nt hard. I mean, if a kindergartner can do it, so can we.

  1. Invasion of the Bullies

Have you ever interviewed someone whom you thought was a perfect fit for your department? Someone who had experience, was certified, educated, professionally dressed, articulate, and just NICE? Of course, you hired them, gave yourself a pat-on the back, and hoped you can find 10 more just like them!

Then two months later, they turned into something straight out of the movie, Body Snatchers. You then had employees in your office (usually in tears) because of how this employee is treated them.

Did you miss something during the interview, or maybe you were caught up in how well they presented themselves that you stopped the interview too soon?

Or are they, in fact, an alien invader?

Well-chances are it is not the last reason. But your department has been invaded by a bully. And now that bully is running rampant in your department.

Nobody wants to hire a bully. We all want to do a great job as a leader, and that means implementing strategies to make sure you do not hire a bully.

For those strategies, check out this article, Strategies to Make Sure You Don’t Hire a Bully.

Remember, once you hire them in your department, it is hard to get them out!

Bullying and incivility happen in the workplace because it is allowed and not addressed. It takes dedicated leaders and their teams to stop it! These 10 bullying and incivility strategies will help you finally put an end to bad behavior so that you can focus on cultivating a healthy work culture.

To learn how you can reduce incidents of bullying and incivility in your organization, contact us at [email protected].

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