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Choosing the right speaker for your healthcare event is a crucial decision that can greatly set the tone and impact its outcome. At the Healthy Workforce Institute, our speakers go beyond just being thought leaders – they are catalysts of change. With a profound comprehension of the challenges and opportunities within healthcare systems, our experts deliver captivating keynotes that deeply resonate with medical professionals and administrators, sparking transformation and leaving a deep-seated lasting impression.

What Makes Our Keynotes Different?

Evidence-Based Content: Every presentation is grounded in the latest research and best practices.

Interactive Experience: We don’t just talk at you. We engage with you through high-energy storytelling and interactive sessions.

Actionable Takeaways: Leave with practical tools and a clear action plan to implement immediately in your workplace.

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Impactful Contributions

We’ve delivered inspiring and influential keynote presentations at various healthcare events. Our speakers have been pivotal in driving the conversation forward, sparking innovation, and fostering a culture of excellence at each gathering.

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP

Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP, a vibrant keynote speaker and CEO of the Healthy Workforce Institute, stands out for her compelling presentations that address workplace bullying and incivility in healthcare. With a rich background spanning three decades as a nurse, educator, and executive, she brings unparalleled insights into creating harmonious work environments. Honored as a LinkedIn Top Healthcare Voice in 2018, Dr. Thompson, with her Doctorate of Nursing Practice, empowers leaders with effective strategies for nurturing respectful workplace cultures. Her talks are transformative, blending evidence-based practices with real-world expertise, to catalyze positive change and enhance team dynamics in healthcare settings.

Diane Salter, MSN, RN, CPAN, NE-BC

With over 23 years in nursing, Diane Salter is a renowned speaker known for her engaging workshops that educate healthcare professionals on positive workplace culture, making her a dynamic asset to healthcare events. As the Director of Surgical Services at WellSpan Health Ephrata Community Hospital and a consultant with the Healthy Workforce Institute, Diane’s presentations draw from real-world experiences, providing practical solutions to contemporary challenges in healthcare leadership. Diane’s involvement with the American Nurses Association  #EndNurseAbuse Professional Issues Panel Advisory Committee further underscores her commitment to advocacy and change, making her a sought-after speaker in the industry.

Dr. Mitchell Kusy

Dr. Mitch Kusy, a distinguished organizational psychologist and sought-after keynote speaker, specializes in transforming healthcare cultures through his proven systems approach to managing toxic personalities. His 25 years of expertise have fostered “everyday civility” in organizations worldwide, enhancing patient care and team dynamics. An author of six books, Mitch’s work is pivotal in shaping respectful workplace cultures that boost both team morale and financial outcomes. Engage Mitch for your next keynote to learn how to cultivate a healthy, productive workplace environment and tackle disruptive behaviors head-on, leveraging his extensive research and practical insights. 

Keynotes Tailored For Your Audience

ENOUGH! Breaking the Cycle of Bullying in Healthcare

Strategies for Leaders

This presentation tackles the prevalent problem of bullying and incivility in healthcare settings, emphasizing its detrimental impact on individuals, organizations, the nursing profession, and patients. Despite long-standing awareness the issues persists, resulting in the loss of valuable employees. The speaker advocates for a proactive stance against bullying, emphasizing the responsibility of leaders to break the cycle. The keynote provides practical tools and strategies for leaders to promptly confront workplace bullying and incivility, fostering a healthier work environment. By equipping leaders to handle disruptive behaviors, the presentation aims to enhance employee retention and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

From Exhausted to Extraordinary

Fostering a Culture of Well-being in an Unpredictable World

Experience the emotional rollercoaster of healthcare, from celebrating life’s beginnings to mourning its end. As a healthcare professional, you may leave work with mixed feelings—awe at human resilience and exhaustion from emotional strain. If you’re questioning your commitment or feeling depleted, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Join our engaging presentation to discover practical strategies that can turn exhaustion into fulfillment. Learn the secret to leaving work with a positive impact, even in the face of challenges.

Are You the Bully, the Witness, the Target, or the Champion?

Identifying the Role We Play in Addressing Workplace Bullying and Incivility

More people witness bullying behavior than experience it. They say things like, “poor thing. I’m just glad I’m not the target.” And then there are others who ARE the bullies, but rarely, do they recognize it. Finally, some people find themselves targets of bullying behavior and many times, suffer in silence.  In this keynote presentation, we are finally putting an end to workplace bullying and incivility in healthcare, by first recognizing the distinct role we each play in the presence of bullying. Second, by adopting role specific strategies to decrease incidents of bullying within the work culture, and third, by choosing a different role – the role of champion to cultivate a healthy work culture.  

Tearing Down Healthcare Silos

Developing Physician and Nurse Leaders

This presentation addresses the strong evidence associated with how to build better nursing and physician interprofessional teams. Unfortunately, it doesn’t often happen via osmosis. It takes initiative beyond intuition! Four powerful dimensions of a team culture will be explored: values, beliefs, norms, and underlying assumptions. Subsequently, these elements will serve as the “target points” for cultivating powerful and successful interprofessional teams, employing stakeholder development, lateral management, and prioritizing relationships —all centered around serving the broader organizational enterprise.

Why I Don’t Work Here Anymore! Recruiting and Retention

Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

This keynote presentation addresses compelling evidence explaining the persistence of toxic behaviors within our healthcare organizations and offers practical solutions. It sheds light on how individuals exhibiting “Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hyde” characteristics manage to engage in shaming, passive hostility, and team sabotage without repercussions. This keynote issues a call to action for healthcare leaders, urging them to prevent the erosion of team performance, patient safety, and their bottom line. While many leaders express a desire to address these issues, the lack of intuitive solutions often leads to potential failure. Drawing from Dr. Kusy’s own three-year research study on this pervasive issue, the keynote provides insights into short-term to long-term actions backed by strong evidence.

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