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Explore which of our amazing keynotes would be the best fit for your next event!

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“Renee ‘knocked it out of the park’! She is funny, direct, fast paced, uses research/evidence to support her comments, and really touched a nerve with our attendees. They loved her! I highly recommend her!”

"Renee provided excellent content and take away strategies. She was a big hit! I honestly can't remember reviewing such rave reviews from any other keynote presenter for our conference."

“Renee’s inspiring message has helped us spread the word on the importance of civility in the workplace.”

Bonnie Artman Fox is a gifted, knowledgeable professional that I highly recommend as a keynote speaker.  Her presentation definitely exceeded expectations and it was especially wonderful as she opened the conference in an interactive, upbeat manner, with key strategies all leaders could use….and with humor. Difficult to do all of that in one session! The conference was well-received overall and I am certain it is due in part to Bonnie’s ability to set the stage for success.

Dr. Thompson's presentation on nurse bullying hit the nail on the head! It’s obvious to me that she understands the core issues related to bullying. Her solutions are practical and will prove to be very effective when nurses need to handle common bullying issues.

"You helped everyone to feel good about themselves and remember why we went into nursing."  

“We gained such great value after Renee’s programs and were better able to differentiate between bullying and incivility. Because we have been given tools and scripts to deal with those difficulty conversations, we are able to hold staff accountable.”

After the Keynote, I was faced with a situation - a classic bully scenario - with some incivility as well. I took a firm stance and termed the bully immediately. The presentation helped me to articulate what I needed to do - with HR’s support - to confront the behaviors immediately.

“What a phenomenal presentation! Renee’s ability to deliver a powerful presentation, in a meaningful and "fun" way, was one of the most well received (myself included) presentations, I have had the privilege of being part of, in a long time! Frontline staff nurses walked out hugging me, saying "Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this". Wow!!!”

"I just want to reach out and thank you for giving us these Fill [Your] Cup sessions and personally in more than 10 years of being a nurse, this is the first time I felt that somebody pays attention and respect[s] us in the real sense of the word. No money or material things can replace how you let us feel whole again."

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