About the Healthy Workforce Institute

What Drives Us

When disruptive behaviors go unaddressed in healthcare, bad things happen to patients and employees. At the HWI, we’re on a mission to create a world where bullying and incivility are immediately rejected and kindness, respect, and professionalism become the new norm.

Who We Serve 

We work with healthcare organizations that understand that the way their employees treat each other SHOULD be just as important as the care they provide and are committed to doing something about it.

Our Clients:

They come to us because they need help to swing the pendulum from where they are (bullying and incivility) to where they want to be (professional and nurturing).

What Keeps Our Clients Up at Night:

Are you and your organization on the right path towards a healthy workforce?

HWI TeamWe have an ethical responsibility to our public and employees to do better. We can help your frontline leaders tackle this epidemic and feel confident in their abilities to address disruptive behaviors. Through our custom programs, we will work with your leaders to:
  • Reduce incidents of bullying and incivility
  • Set behavioral expectations and hold employees accountable for professional conduct
  • Skillfully handle difficult situations involving disruptive behavior
When leaders are equipped with the skills and tools that they need their employees are more engaged, fulfilled, and better serve patients and each other. This results in high-performing teams with increased retention and improved patient outcomes.
We are passionate about this work because we understand it takes courage and skills to confront bad behavior in healthcare. We make it easy for you.
The Healthy Workforce Institute is an Educational Institute that provides solutions to help healthcare organizations cultivate a healthy work culture by addressing disruptive behaviors.
We offer a strong portfolio of services and products to strengthen organizations, equip leaders, and empower employees to cultivate a healthy work culture. Offerings include powerful Keynote presentations, tailored Workshops, a robust On-line Academy, comprehensive Consulting and several products and resources to encourage respect and to promote a healthy work culture for all.
So let’s get started!
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Do you want to learn how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes leaders make when addressing bullying & incivility?

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