About the Healthy Workforce Institute
Reject Bullying, Incivility, & Workplace Violence

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where healthcare employees are competent and work well as a team; where they go out of their way to support each other; where they are just as kind and compassionate to each other as they are to their patients; where they always communicate in a respectful manner and make decisions based on what’s best for patients; where any incidents of disruptive behaviors be it bullying, incivility, or workplace violence are immediately rejected.

This is the world we are creating at The Healthy Workforce Institute.

Who we serve

We work with healthcare organizations and their leaders who want to create a professional, supportive, and nurturing environment with highly competent and compassionate employees.

Our primary clients are leaders, within healthcare organizations, who have identified the negative impact that disruptive behaviors have on their organization, employees, and patients.

Our clients

  • Want to do what’s necessary to improve the work environment, but don’t know how to start or what to do
  • Wish their employees would just stop the shenanigans and do their jobs

They come to us because they need help to swing the pendulum from where they are (bullying and incivility) to where they want to be (professional and nurturing).

What keeps our clients up at night is

  • They worry that the new nurses they just hired will get eaten alive by the older ones
  • They wish they could spend more of their time helping their employees grow, instead of constantly dealing with the “problem” employees
  • They worry that their really great employees will get burned out and leave

They’re afraid of failing as a leader.

Discover if you and your organization are on the right path towards a healthy workforce.  

HWI Pillars of Excellence

Exponential Empowerment

We go the extra mile for our clients, because when we empower one, we multiply our contribution and impact the globe.

Continuous Learning

We seek to support continuous learning and improving of our clients, our community, and ourselves.

Conscious Connection

We infuse our personal and corporate values into all our interactions with others, so that we develop deep and meaningful relationships with our clients, our vendors, and our greater community.

Collaborative Creation

We recognize that our ultimate vision cannot be realized in a vacuum, therefore we seek collaboration and partnership in all our dealings.

Our Core Values

The following core principles drive all of our endeavors and serve as a standard by which we measure how we are doing. While we are human and don’t always get it right, this is what we are striving for in all our dealings.

  • Deliver Exceptional Service

    1. Deliver Exceptional Service

    Anything worth doing is worth doing with a sense of WOW.

    To WOW all those we come in contact with, we must focus on the big and little ways to deliver uncommon service. We go above and beyond what’s expected and are conscious of the impact on our tribe. We seek to provide extraordinary service to our clients, vendors, team members and collaborative partners, so they feel they are seen, heard, valued and enriched by our interaction. We pay attention to detail. If we can’t get the little things right in life, how can we expect to tackle the real challenges later on? In everything we do, our client deserves our best.

  • Embrace Innovation & Continuous Learning

    2. Embrace Innovation and Continuous Learning

    We innovate by committing to growth as individuals and as an enterprise. We believe that inside every team member is more potential than even they realize. Our goal is to help unlock that potential. This is a joint effort: team members need to want to stretch in order to grow.

    We do this by reading books, attending personal development events and being on the constant search for mentors, teachers, and opportunities to grow.

    • We maintain a willingness to see where we are falling short of what’s possible and seek solutions to make it right.
    • We continually strive to grow as individuals, knowing our success is a reflection of the person we are on a daily basis.
    • We nurture a network of like-minded individuals who challenge our perspective and inspire and encourage us to innovate.
    • We look to our competitors for inspiration and motivation and synthesize what we learn into a unique plan to be the best we can be.

  • Extend kindness

    3. Extend kindness

    We believe the world needs a healthy dose of kindness. Our team members extend that kindness to our clients, our community, and each other. As the late Mother Teresa said so eloquently, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.  Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, and kindness in your smile.”

    • We always communicate with honesty and respect in person, in written correspondence, and via social platforms.
    • We prioritize our work to ensure attention is given to someone in need.

  • Build Authentic Relationships

    4. Build Authentic Relationships

    We strive to always act with integrity in all our relationships. This means we are friendly, positive, loving and honest so our interactions are clean, purposeful and benefit both parties. We seek to make a connection with our clients on a human level.

  • Be passionate

    5. Be passionate

    We hire people not only for technical expertise but also passion. Passion above all things can be the most powerful tool for achieving success. If we aren’t passionate about whatever it is we are doing, it makes it very difficult to go the extra mile.

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