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Building a Healthy Workforce

Our white paper, Building a Healthy Workforce, is the ultimate guide for healthcare leaders, directors, and executives in addressing disruptive behaviors and fostering healthy work cultures.

9 Strategies to Improve Culture and Conduct

If you really want to create and sustain a professional work environment and stop the hamster wheel of bullying, burnout, and turnover, you’ll need to implement these 9 strategies. 

9 Ways to Welcome & Protect Your New Graduate Nurses So They Stay

This resource equips you with the strategies you need to welcome and protect your new graduate nurses from bullying & incivility, so they STAY.

Powerful Scripts to Stop
Bullying in the Moment

The key to dealing with a disruptive co-worker is to know what to say in the moment. In this valuable resource, you will find 24 scripts that can help stop bullying behavior at work.

5 Ways to Beat Burnout

With or without a global pandemic, being a nurse isn’t easy. I bet at some point in your career, you felt like all of your energy was used at work and you had nothing left to give your family when you came home. 

What if it didn’t have to be that way? 

33 Scripts to Address Disruptive Behavior When You Don’t Know What to Say

Strategies For Healthcare Leaders

We’ve made it easier for you to confront a disruptive employee by providing you with powerful scripts you can use to handle 8 situations that show up in the workplace.


5 Common Mistakes Leaders Make When Addressing Bullying & Incivility

The key to dealing with disruptive behaviors effectively is to be AWARE of these mistakes, why you make them, and what you should do from now on to AVOID them.

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Do you want to learn how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes leaders make when addressing bullying & incivility?

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Receive 33 Scripts to Address Disruptive Behavior When You Don’t Know What to Say