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2021 Disruptive Behavior Research Report

The evidence is clear. When bullying and incivility go unaddressed in healthcare, bad things happen to patients and employees. Our latest research at the Healthy Workforce Institute shows, when leaders are equipped to address disruptive behaviors, the good employees stay, patients achieve better outcomes, and resources are preserved.

Inspire your team to make the decision to BE COFFEE during these challenging times.

As burnout and bullying continue to rise, healthcare professionals struggle to cope. My hope is that you read this story that inspired me many years ago, recognize that you have a choice in how you respond to our continued challenges, and make a decision to be COFFEE!


Facts on Bullying, Incivility, and Disruptive Behaviors in Healthcare

This fact sheet provides you with the latest evidence regarding disruptive behaviors and their impact on employees and patients.

Bully Assessment Tool

The bullies can’t be everyone else. What if it’s you?

Download our free survey to find out!

5 Worst Mistakes Leaders Make When Addressing Bad Behavior

The key to dealing with disruptive behaviors effectively is to be AWARE of these mistakes, why you make them, and what you should do from now on to AVOID them.

27 Quotes to Give Nurses Strength and Courage to Continue Caring for Patients


Inspire yourself and others to have strength and courage to continue caring for patients with these 27 quotes.


The Healthy Workforce Institute’s Disruptive Behavior Survey

Get your copy of HWI’s latest research findings on the most common ways disruptive behaviors show up in healthcare in our newest report, A Healthcare Leader’s Guide to Assessing Common Disruptive Behaviors Using a New Validated Survey Tool! (New validated survey tool inside!). 

5 Ways to Beat Burnout

With or without a global pandemic, being a nurse isn’t easy. I bet at some point in your career, you felt like all of your energy was used at work and you had nothing left to give your family when you came home. 

What if it didn’t have to be that way? 

4 Steps To Stop Nurse Bullies

Bullying is destructive. Nurses who are the target of bullying may call off work, get sick, or even quit. Healthcare loses productivity, risks medical errors, and loses excellent nurses every year due to this problem. 

It’s time for bullying to stop.

From Exhausted to Extraordinary: Strategies to Reverse Nurse Fatigue

Nurse fatigue and burnout are alive and well. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Download a free chapter of my book to learn one strategy to help you beat burnout!

8 Ways to Stop Unprofessional Conduct

Powerful Scripts For Healthcare Leaders

We’ve made it easier for you to confront a disruptive employee by providing you with powerful scripts you can use to handle 8 situations that show up in the workplace.


10 Stress Relievers for Nurses

Chronic stress results from repeated exposure to conditions that cause your body to release stress chemicals, which can damage your mental AND physical health if elevated for too long. As a healthcare professional, you are faced with stressors every day. The following represents my personal favorite PROVEN strategies to reduce the stress response and squash cortisol stress!


Nurse Bullying eBook (vol. 1)

A collection of articles on nurse bullying and conflict in the workplace written by Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CSP.


Nurse Bullying eBook (vol. 2)

A collection of articles on nurse bullying and conflict in the workplace written by Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CSP.

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About HWI

The Healthy Workforce Institute is the global leader in addressing disruptive behavior in healthcare. Through our cadre of services, we provide the strategies, skills, and solutions to address any incidences of disruptive behaviors that show up in healthcare.

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