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  • Maintaining a Healthy Workplace for Nurses, with Renee Thompson, DNP: Ep 01 00:00
  • Make A Living As A Keynote Speaker with Renee Thompson RN, DNP 00:00
  • Get Social Health: Are you a Nurse Bully? You might be surprised… 00:00
  • LNP 30: The Corrosive Effects of Bullying in Health Care Renee Thompson PhD RN Audio Player 00:00
  • Nurse Bullying interview with Sean McDowell from WDVE 00:00

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sean mcdowell and renee thompson

“Renee Thompson is a fascinating interview, because 1st of all, who knew or even suspected that nurses bully each other?! Secondly, Renee is an RN herself, with 23 years of health care experience, she still works in the field, and she herself has been bullied by other nurses! Not only can Renee write about nurse-bullying, and talk about it too, but she also was a victim of it!”

Sean McDowell, WDVE-FM
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The Healthy Workforce Institute is the global leader in addressing disruptive behavior in healthcare. Through our cadre of services, we provide the strategies, skills, and solutions to address any incidences of disruptive behaviors that show up in healthcare.

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