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When disruptive behaviors go unaddressed in healthcare, bad things happen to patients and employees.

Countless studies that show that…

  • Individuals pay the price of bullying with their physical, mental, and psychological health.
  • Patients pay the price of bullying and incivility with their safety, quality, and satisfaction.
  • Organizations pay the price of bullying and incivility with their profits.

We can and should do better.

Developing individual skills and consistent actions are essential in managing disruptive behaviors. The Healthy Workforce Institute can help build confident healthcare teams who competently address disruptive behaviors in the moment and cultivate a culture of mutual respect across all disciplines. Through our online learning platform, the Healthy Workforce Academy (HWA), leaders and employees learn how to:

  • Reduce incidents of bullying and incivility
  • Set behavioral expectations and hold everyone accountable for professional behavior
  • Skillfully handle difficult situations involving unprofessional behavior
  • Cultivate caring and respectful work cultures

The Healthy Workforce Academy is a repository of online programs specifically designed to support front line leaders and their teams in cultivating a professional, supportive, and respectful workforce culture. With individualized coaching calls, videos, program outlines, data, resources, and recorded didactic presentations, leaders embrace a stepwise process to build the leadership skills they need to build cohesive respectful teams.

The HWA equips leaders so that any incidents of bullying or incivility are immediately rejected and a healthy workforce culture becomes the new norm. As a result, healthcare teams are more engaged and fulfilled to better serve patients and each other.


This program is an essential first step in equipping your leaders to recognize, address and eradicate the prevalent, disruptive behaviors that are undermining your workforce culture. ​Through this program, your leaders will…

  • Recognize the characteristics of bullying and incivility and their detrimental impact.​​
  • Develop the skills needed to confront and eliminate disruptive behaviors.
  • ​​Identify strategies to create a culture of civility and respect in the workplace.
  • ​Establish behavioral expectations and action steps to address future incidences.
  • ​Transform your organization into a nurturing, supportive, and professional workplace.

This program empowers employees to get involved by leading culture change initiatives within their department in partnership with their leadership and healthcare teams. By the end of this program, your employees will…

  • Learn how to protect patients from negative behaviors by adopting sacred spaces.
  • Support employees who float to their department by rolling out the red carpet treatment initiative.
  • Create a 24-hour approach to patient care by setting up the next shift for success.
  • Support new nurses as they transition into professional practice by adopting the mother bear technique.
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About HWI

The Healthy Workforce Institute is the global leader in addressing disruptive behavior in healthcare. Through our cadre of services, we provide the strategies, skills, and solutions to address any incidences of disruptive behaviors that show up in healthcare.

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