Addressing Abuse from Patients and Families. Top Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

The demands of healthcare professionals are surging with sicker patients and less available resources since the pandemic. Healthcare team members are experiencing greater physical and verbal abuse from patients and their family members. Sick patients are not always themselves and family members are typically stressed when family members are in the hospital. Some patients and their family members feel entitled to be abusive. Others may see this as their only avenue to getting better care. Whatever the reasons, we need to not only better understand why this continues and how to address it, but also how specific interventions to address abuse from patients and families can enhance our own personal well-being.

To help us understand the evidence regarding the prevalence of this problem and top methods for eroding abuse, Dr. Renee Thompson and Dr. Mitch Kusy will share evidence-based strategies to intervene. This webinar will provide participants with tactics to better support their team and themselves.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Describe two (2) de-escalation strategies to implement to defuse patient-family abuse.
  • Recommend one (1) evidence-based strategy to colleagues to erode abuse from patients and families.
  • Apply new self-care strategies to improve personal well-being and future work.

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This webinar is sponsored by the Healthy Workforce Academy.

Webinar Date:

January 18, 2023 1-2pm ET

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These webinars are sponsored by the Healthy Workforce Academy.

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