How to Resolve Interdepartmental Conflicts: Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

Interdepartmental conflicts occur daily in every healthcare organization. Conflicts happen between team members when transferring patients (the rooms not ready; the nurse can’t take report now), dumping (orders not being implemented and left for the next department to do), and the pervasive condescension, intimidation, and incivility (ICU nurses acting like they’re smarter than the Step-Down nurses; and enough eyerolls and ‘tick-sighs’ to last a century!).

Why? Aren’t we all on the same team caring for the same patients with a goal of preventing harm? Yet we treat our colleagues (yes, they are professional colleagues) with disdain disrupting the culture of safety for the entire interprofessional team, the organization, and the patients we care for. Conflict is an age-old problem that we talk about within our own departments, but rarely do we openly talk about it as colleagues with an intention to resolve it even when it’s within the same service line (i.e., OR versus the PACU; L & D versus Post-partum).

These conflicts impact the entire professional team directly affecting a culture of safety, wasting time and energy, which leads to strained relationships among the entire team.

During this webinar, Dr. Renee Thompson will share evidence-based, practical strategies to resolve interdepartmental conflicts in healthcare.

Whether you’re a manager, director, educator, or in a position that requires you to interact with people from different departments, you will learn valuable strategies to make it easier!

By adopting simple strategies, you can create a healthy work culture between departments and teams too!

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This webinar is sponsored by the Healthy Workforce Academy.

Webinar Date:

April 12, 2023 1-2pm ET

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These webinars are sponsored by the Healthy Workforce Academy.

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