What Is a Speak-Up Culture and Why Is It So Important?

You’ve probably heard the term bantered about—”Speak-Up Culture.” The latest research evidence reveals that it does not happen through osmosis. In fact, it takes 4 types of psychological safety, an understanding of behavioral consequences, and leadership modeling beyond good intentions. The research further reveals that it impacts our own personal well-being, team performance, and patient outcomes. In this webinar, hosted by our very own Dr. Mitch Kusy, we will take a look at the top actions that you can engage immediately as well as build towards long-term strategies. Speaking-Up—It’s not a mantra; it’s a new way of communicating with positive results! Learn how in this webinar.

This webinar is sponsored by the Healthy Workforce Academy.

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These webinars are sponsored by the Healthy Workforce Academy.

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The Healthy Workforce Institute is the global leader in addressing disruptive behavior in healthcare. Through our cadre of services, we provide the strategies, skills, and solutions to address any incidences of disruptive behaviors that show up in healthcare.

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