Healthcare Organization Combats Workplace Bullying

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Since starting my company in 2010, I’ve worked with over 175 clients. How I’ve served them all varies. From giving a keynote at a conference or event, facilitating a series of education and training sessions, to teaching their leaders my process to eradicate bad behavior through my online academy and for some, spending more than a year through my deep dive consulting. It’s been an amazing opportunity to serve.

One client has truly stepped up as a champion to cultivate and sustain a healthy workforce culture. And it was my honor to recognize them a few weeks ago by presenting them with the very first Healthy Workforce Organization Award.

We honored Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple Region during our Healthy Workforce Committee Meeting. Present to accept the award was Leslie Gembol, CNO, Denise Stewart, Director of Clinical Excellence, and Jamie Sodek, Healthy Workforce Executive Champion.

I’m so so proud of BSW’s leaders, nurses, physicians, and employees who understand that the way they treat each other is just as important as the care they provide.


Dr. Renee Thompson                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Temple Region Receives The First Healthy Workforce Institute Award For Their Commitment To Eradicating Bullying and Incivility In Healthcare [National Bullying Prevention Month].

[Temple, TX, October 2019] Leslie Gembol, Chief Nursing Office at Baylor Scott & White Temple Region was presented with the first Healthy Workforce Organization Award from Dr. Renee Thompson, CEO & Founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute.

Baylor Scott & White, a large academic medical center located in central Texas, embarked on a three-year journey with the Healthy Workforce Institute as partners to cultivate a supportive, professional, respectful, and safe workforce culture. According to a recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins, medical errors rank third as the leading cause of death in the US. Many of those deaths are linked, in some way to poor communication among the team. When disruptive behaviors go unaddressed, bad things happen to patients.

Supported by Dr. Renee Thompson and the team at the Healthy Workforce Institute, Baylor Scott & White’s success is a tribute to the organization’s commitment to promoting a professional and respectful workforce culture by addressing any incidents of disruptive behaviors. Fostering awareness, equipping leaders, empowering staff, involving physicians, and hardwiring healthy workforce best practices into the organization has prompted a cultural shift that supports and sustains a healthy workforce.  The organizational commitment to a healthy workforce culture through addressing incidents of workplace bullying and incivility has had a positive impact as seen by improved retention and decreased incidents of disruptive behaviors.

“Baylor Scott & White Temple is the role model for all healthcare organizations by stepping up to say that the way they treat each other is just as important as the care they provide.” ~Dr. Renee Thompson

Dr. Renee Thompson is the CEO & Founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute and works with healthcare organizations to cultivate a professional workforce by addressing workplace bullying, and incivility. She offers a cadre of services from online programs, workshops, and leadership coaching, to onsite and virtual assessments and deep dive consulting. To learn more about the Healthy Workforce Institute, go to

CONTACT: Ashley Thompson, VP & CFO of the Healthy Workforce Institute

           | 412- 533-9920

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