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Nurse-to-nurse bullying is a huge problem. Almost every day of my life a nurse reaches out to me asking for help.

I receive messages on Facebook, via LinkedIn, through email, text, and phone messages.

These nurses are suffering at the hands of the people who are supposed to support them. It breaks my heart to read and hear their stories of how cruel some nurses can be.
When I started my company, RTConnections, I wasn’t exactly the expert on nurse bullying that I am now. However, I did create a YouTube Channel and posted a few videos about how to tackle some common bullying issues.

When I look back, it’s funny to see the different hair colors I was talked into trying (the dark red was NOT a good look on me despite what my hair dresser said!!!), the different bumpers (that’s video talk for the pre and post shots with music), and the different locations I tried in my house.
Over the years, my knowledge and recognition for my work to stop the cycle of bullying has grown significantly and I wanted to find a way to help the millions of nurses who are struggling with how to tackle the bully in their worlds. So, I created another video series I titled, “Coffee & Conversations About Nurse Bullying” where I get to answer YOUR questions but many others can benefit.

This is just you and me (and hopefully, thousands of others) drinking coffee and having conversations about bad behavior. Just like how my mom and Nonnie (Italian grandmother) would make a pot of coffee and just talk. This video series gives us a format to do just that – talk.

I was so excited when I recently got to sit down and do a coffee and conversations video with my lovely daughter Kaitlin on her experience with workplace bullying. We don’t always know how to react when someone is embarrassing us in the workplace, but I’ve got solutions! You can check out the video here, as well as the others I’ve listed below.

Coffee & Conversations About Nurse Bullying
These videos are short and to the point, teaching you concepts and strategies to address some of the most common bullying situations. Some of the questions I’ve answered so far:

How can I tell if my coworker is a bully?


How can I tell my coworker she is coming across as a bully?


How do I document bullying behavior?


How do bullies choose their targets?


What can I do if the bully is my boss?


These videos are not fancy. My husband films them with our video camera on a tripod in my office or living room. We don’t edit or add any gizmos. It’s just me and the world having conversations about bullying.  My goal is to shoot 2 videos per month and to keep them bite size.

So, if you or someone you know is struggling with workplace bullying, why not subscribe to my video channel and watch a few videos!?

If you do view the old ones, forgive the hair!
Make sure you share them with others and don’t forget to add your commons and/or send me questions YOU’D like me to answer in this space.
We are hemorrhaging really great nurses to bullying. Let’s stop using silence as a strategy and DO something about it!!!
Be kind. Take care. Stay connected.




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Table of Contents

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