Renee’s top 10 tips for a successful nursing practice

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Taking care of patients is the EASY part! By now you know that being a successful nurse involves way more than inserting an IV on the first attempt or accurately assessing a patient’s lung sounds. If that were the case, anyone could be a nurse. A successful nurse is someone who understands that nursing is more than the physical act of nursing – more than the tasks we do – more than the medications we administer.

After many years as a nurse, I’ve learned that every nurse can succeed IF they commit to the following:

1.   Grow in knowledge – When you are done with nursing school, you “ain’t done cookin’ yet”! Invest in continued learning whether someone else is paying for it or not.

2.   Own your practice – Take full responsibility for everything; competencies, license renewal, other nurses’ patients, department/unit goals –everything.

3.   Build relationships – Every conversation you have with another human either builds that relationship or tears it down. Build.

4.   Be the consummate professional – What you wear, what you say (verbal, non-verbal and written), and how you behave should have the professional stamp of approval. Always-no matter what.

5.   Be kind – When faced with opportunity to “zing” someone, be kind instead. Kindness begets kindness.

6.   Make other people feel good – In doing so, you change their lives and your own.

7.   Focus on solutionsnot problems – Be a problem-solver and avoid getting sucked into the vortex of complaining. Solve instead.

8.   Establish trust – Tell others you trust them and they will trust you. You never know when they will be responsible for your life, and you will be responsible for theirs.

9.   View healthcare using a panoramic lens – Think beyond yourunit or your department. See the delivery of healthcare from a wider perspective. It’s not just about you.

10.Grow others – Help others become the best they can be. Share your gifts and inspire a culture of nurture and support.

Nursing is a wonderful profession. It’s remarkably challenging yet provides us with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people every day we enter our work environment. Make this year YOUR year to succeed – to feel good about the work you do – to make a difference.
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Happy New Year!
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3 thoughts on “Renee’s top 10 tips for a successful nursing practice”


    The tips you have given is of the utmost importance in the sphere of nursing. The most salient point here, to my mind, is the good treatment!

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