Nurses: Heroes or just doing their job?

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Nurses are often referred to as angels or heroes. And when our patients or family members call us heroes, what do nurses typically say? “Nah…I’m just doing my job.” Or worse, they say, “I’m just the nurse.”

I think it’s because we aren’t comfortable accepting that type of compliment. We believe that the word “hero” should be reserved for the few – the few who sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. The few who despite the great risk to their own life, help others in need.
Nurses don’t view themselves as heroes because caring for patients, whether it’s holding their hand during a painful procedure or actually saving their lives, it something we EXPECT of all nurses and of ourselves.
However, we do a great disservice to our public when we deny their compliments.
The world needs heroes. The world needs nurses.
So, the next time someone calls you a hero, don’t say, “Nah. I’m just doing my job.” Instead, I want you to stand proud, like Superman, and say, “Thank you.”
What are your thoughts on this topic? Would love to hear from you!

Happy Nurses Week!
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