You Can’t Establish a Mentoring Culture Without Getting Rid of This

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Someone who teaches and gives advice to a less experienced and often younger person.
Someone who is habitually cruel to others who are weaker.
Which definition describes a mentor and which one describes a bully?
Which one describes the culture on your nursing unit?
Mentoring is a hot topic right now and many organizations are adopting mentoring programs for their employees. While the intent is good, I’m afraid these organizations are setting themselves up for failure.

Because you can’t create a mentoring culture if a bullying culture exists.
On November 4th, I’ll be hosting a pre-conference workshop at the Nurse Mentoring Institute’s 3rdAnnual Conference.
Holiday Inn, Philadelphia in Cherry Hill NJ
1pm – 5pm
I’ll be helping nurse leaders learn the strategies to address and eliminate bullying behavior so that mentoring can begin.
Please join me. Isn’t it about time we start nurturing and supporting each other instead of eating!!
Thanks for reading. Take care and stay connected!

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