What is the Best Weapon Against Nurse Bullying?

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horizontal violence, vertical violence, lateral violence, incivility, oppression

Imagine a world where nurses went out of their way to support each other. Where you KNEW you could count on your co-workers if you needed help. Where you weren’t spending your time and energy worrying about protecting yourself from the bullies.
Taking care of patients, even in our current complex and ever changing environment, would be A LOT easier!
The Good News is that you don’t have to be a passive victim and just accept the bad behaviors of your co-workers. There are professional and respectful weapons you can use to eliminate bad behaviors.
What is the best weapon?

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to decrease the power the bullies have over you and others.
I just launched a new YouTube Video Series titled, “Do No Harm” Applies to Nurses Too! The purpose of this series is to help you and others who are dealing with the bad behaviors of their co-workers.
See first video below:

What I will do for you: I commit to posting videos that provide you with the knowledge you need along with practical actions steps you can take to improve your ability to effectively address/confront the bully.

What I need from you: I need you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, share my videos with your colleagues (positive power in numbers!), and…most important…send me your questions.
To ask me a question:
     Post on my website under contact and include your question as a message
     Post as a comment below or on any of my various social media platforms
I promise not to “out you” and tell everyone who you are. Your question is one that I’m sure others are asking too.
Thanks so much for reading, for choosing nursing as a profession and for not accepting bullying as the norm!  If we all join together, I just know we can change nursing culture from “eating our young” to nurturing and supporting each other!
Take care and stay connected

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2 thoughts on “What is the Best Weapon Against Nurse Bullying?”

  1. You're so nice to comment Kelly. Thanks for sharing your article with me and my viewers…we all need to work together if we are ever going to eliminate bad behavior in the workplace. Nurses deserve to work in nurturing and supportive environments!


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