I believe that all nurses, young or old, seasoned or new have the right to be treated by their coworkers with respect. They have a right to be supported, nourished, and set up for success – not squashed, eaten, and set up for failure.

I also believe that organizations have an ethical responsibility to create healthy work environments were bullying and incivilities are addressed and a culture of respect, professionalism, and honest communication are the norm.

As a workplace bullying expert, I provide the education, tools, and resources individuals and organizations need to create cultures where zero tolerance for bullying and codes of conduct aren’t just words on pieces of paper but rather are weaved into the fabric of the culture.

STOP THE CYCLE OF BULLYING: Strategies to address & eliminate workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a problem. Bullying is destructive, pervasive and undermines a culture of safety. Workplace bullying has been linked to intent to leave, poor patient outcomes, and poor productivity.

85% of all medical errors can be linked to poor communication and disruptive behavior among healthcare providers.

Of the new nurses who quit their first job within the first year, 60% quit due to the disruptive behaviors of their co-workers.

48% of graduating nursing students are concerned about becoming a target of workplace bullying.

Every day, a nurse reaches out for help to deal with a bullying situation.

One reason bullying has continued to thrive is because we haven’t learned how to address bullying behaviors in our work environment. We often turn the other cheek, using silence as a strategy, thus perpetuating the problem. This presentation is designed to help individuals and healthcare leaders RECOGNIZE bullying behaviors that undermine a culture of safety (not everything is bullying), DEVELOP the skills needed to confront and eliminate disruptive behaviors (bullying AND unprofessional), and TRANSFORM their organization into a nurturing, supportive, and professional workplace.

This program can be customized to an audience of employees or the leadership team

Length of program – this program is offered as a 90-minute keynote, ½ workshop or full day seminar


Workplace violence in healthcare is on the rise. More and more, healthcare professionals face a variety of situations that pose threats to their health and personal safety. The spectrum of violence ranges from verbal assault, stalking, and burglary to actual physical violence and homicide. 60% of all non-fatal assaults and violent acts occur within healthcare settings. The most common victims are nurses and nursing assistants.

Healthcare organizations, therefore, have a responsibility to implement and maintain an effective workplace violence prevention program to keep their employees safe.

In this training program, your employees will learn simple, proven violence prevention strategies to decrease their chances of becoming a victim.

Length of program – ½ day


“Dr. Thompson’s presentation on nurse bullying hit the nail on the head! It’s obvious to me that she understands the core issues related to bullying. Her solutions are practical and will prove to be very effective when nurses need to handle common bullying issues.” – Cindy Tryniszewski, RN, MSN, Executive Director, Clinical eLearning, Elsevier Clinical Solutions.

“You are the most inspiring speaker we’ve had. All of the leaders who attended your bully seminar asked about bringing you back! You are very interactive and got the audience empowered to go back to their departments and start addressing bad behaviors.”- Lorraine Villegas, Manager of Human Resource, Paradise Valley Hospital

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