Monthly Staff Meeting Content for Front Line Leaders

Stop Bullying & Incivility in Healthcare: Monthly Staff Meeting Content for Front Line Leaders Our “done for you” monthly staff meeting package provides front line leaders with the content they need to hardwire and sustain a professional workforce culture.



Cultivating AND sustaining a respectful workforce culture where any incidents of bullying and incivility are immediately rejected and professionalism becomes the new norm, demands that you hardwire healthy workforce best practices into the fabric of your department.

A primary strategy is to incorporate Healthy Workforce as a standing agenda item during your monthly staff meetings.

But what does that mean? What do you include? What do you talk about?

Well, your worries are over because we now have a “done for you” monthly staff meeting package that allows you to easily incorporate skill development for your teams on topics related to professional conduct.

Each month, you will receive the following content based on a topic related to professional conduct:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • An easy to read article
  • An activity (optional)
  • Resource/Tip sheet
  • 5 memes you can print and post

Sample topics include:

  • Developing Assertive Communication Skills
  • Reducing Workplace Gossip
  • Cultivating a Positive Work Culture
  • How to Give and Receive Feedback

This monthly subscription plan is only $49/month!

Our monthly “done for you” staff meeting content makes it so easy for you and your teams to reduce bullying and incivility in the workplace!

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