Culture of Caring Course

A Culture of Caring – Online Course

This online program empowers nurses to lead culture change by rolling out four initiatives that address the most common ways disruptive behaviors show up in healthcare.



A Culture of Caring: Inspire a Nurse-Driven Initiative for a Healthier Work Culture

To create a professional, nurturing, and supportive work culture, you can’t just gather a group of leaders and then sit around the table talking about strategies.

Employees must feel empowered to become a part of the solution.

This program empowers nurse to get involved by leading culture change initiatives within their department.

This course is comprised of 4 initiatives:

  1. Sacred Spaces: Promotes kind and caring communication among staff, within patient care areas
  2. Red Carpet Treatment: Ensures float staff and travelers are welcomed and well supported
  3. Shift Success: Guarantees the transition between shifts and sets the next team up for success
  4. Mother Bear: Provides a positive and professional experience for all new employees
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