52 Tactical Tips to Create a Respectful Work Culture in Healthcare

Armed with our practical and powerful weekly tips, you’ll learn how to cultivate a professional, respectful, and healthy workforce so that you can build better healthcare teams and start looking forward to Monday’s again.



Healthcare leaders are charged with making sure their teams deliver high quality, safe, and effective care. In an ideal world, leaders would spend their time and energy helping their teams grow, learn, and become their very best selves so that they can take better care of patients AND each other.

Yet, far too often, leaders spend their days dealing with employee conflict, unprofessional conduct, and drama, leaving little or no time building stronger, more respectful teams.

When leaders spend all of their time putting out employee “fires” all day instead of building professional, respectful teams, bad things happen to patients and employees.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You’re spending too much of your precious time and energy dealing with employee drama, unprofessional conduct, and interpersonal petty conflicts.

You dread coming into work on Monday because you know you’ll be hit with the problems from the weekend.

You wish you could spend less time dealing with employee drama and interpersonal conflict.

And that’s exactly why I created, 52 Tactical Tips to Create a Respectful Work Culture in Healthcare.

In this digital product you will find 52 tips & tactics to start your week and move one step closer to building better, more professional and respectful, healthcare teams.

These tips & tactics include:

– Simple and easy activities you can do with your teams that promote professional conduct

– Messages you can include in your huddles or team meetings

– Powerful lessons based on healthy workforce best practices to help YOU better lead your teams


Get 52 tips and tactics to help you start Mondays right.

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