12 Month Activities Calendar for Healthy Teams (2024 Edition)

They 2024 HWI Activities Calendar was such a huge hit that we are unfortunately sold out. Be sure to click ‘Learn More’ below and sign-up below to get on the list to be notified when our next year’s Calendar is available.

$18.99 - $26.98


Introducing the ultimate workplace culture transformation calendar!

Tired of your teams treating each other like garbage and acting like they aren’t on the same team with the same goal – to provide the best patient care possible? Do you find yourself wishing your workplace culture was SO GOOD that every healthcare professional can’t WAIT to come in for their shift and actually wants to be there?

Well, wish no further! Our 12 Month Activities Calendar for Healthy Teams (2024 Edition) is jam packed with 365 simple, practical, and just down-right fun activities, specially curated for healthcare teams to promote a professional, respectful, supportive, and kind workplace culture. Each month brings a different theme designed to counteract any incidents of bullying and incivility.

It’s not just a calendar; it’s a daily dose of inspiration and motivation that reminds healthcare professionals of the simple actions they can take every day to make their department a better place to work. It’s a powerful tool that creates positive, optimistic, engaged, and healthy teams.

Benefits for Leaders/Executives:

  • Boosted Morale: Watch morale soar as your team bonds over daily activities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Your team will go out of their way to support each other.
  • Reduced Stress: Daily acts of kindness and support reduce stress and tension.
  • Increased Productivity: Happier employees are more productive employees.
  • Improved Retention: A positive work culture keeps valuable talent on board.

Digital Copy: You can also enhance your experience by adding the digital copy to your order for just an additional $7.99.

Why would you want the digital copy too?

  • Stay On Track Anywhere: Carry your workplace culture with you on your device, so you never miss a day.
  • Share and Inspire: Easily share daily activities and insights with your team for maximum impact.
  • Interactive Features: Enjoy interactive elements, links, and resources not available in the physical version.
  • Exclusive Access: Access to the digital copy is only available when you purchase the physical calendar.

Don’t wait! We have a limited amount available to order! Invest in your department’s future today with the 12 Month Activities Calendar for Healthy Teams (2024 Edition). Together, we’ll create healthy workplaces where everyone can thrive!

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