Shocking Reason Why Nurse Bullying Continues

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Horizontal violence, incivility, nurse oppression, lateral violence
Why does nurse bullying continue?
So far, I’ve written and shot videos about the first 2 reasons: #1) we accept the behavior as the norm and #2) fear of retaliation. If you haven’t watched these videos yet, you should. Click here to access my YouTube Channel
However, what’s the 3rd reason why nurse bullying continues?
This may shock you.
It’s because managers use silence as a strategy. Yep. Why? Because they don’t know how to deal with the bullies either. 
When a nurse becomes a manager or educator, we teach him/her how to do the budget, the schedule, the curriculum, quality audits, etc. but rarely do we teach managers how to deal with the behavior of their employees.
Managers spend 85% of their time dealing with the behaviors of their employees!!
I’ve been spending a lot of time lately helping nurse leaders in healthcare settings and academic organizations address and eliminate the bad behavior of their employees and students. What I’ve found is that most of them have no idea how to deal with their bullies.
But now there’s help!
Horizontal violence, incivility, rtconnections, renee thompsonI recently launched a new Bully-Proofing DVD + Action Guide specifically designed to teach nurse leaders – managers, charge nurses, nurse educator and faculty – how to eliminate bullying behavior. In this video, leaders will learn:
·      How to evaluate characteristics of disruptive behaviors
·      Specific strategies to address and eliminate disruptive behaviors
·      How to foster collaboration, support and teamwork
Seriously, every manager should invest in the skill development necessary to address the bad behaviors of their employees/students. After all, what we ignore, we condone!
Thanks for reading. Please share this blog post with YOUR nurse leaders. We have an ethical responsibility to each other to put a stop to the cycle of nurse bullying.
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