Renee’s Top Blog Reviews From 2016

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It’s always fun to do a “year in review” at this time of year.

I look at all of my social stats: number of new subscribers, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and YouTube subscribers. I also look at how many speaking engagements I had, courses I’ve taught, and of course, income I acquired.

In addition to social proof and business data, I’m always curious to learn what blog articles I wrote that attracted the most attention. Knowing this helps me to plan similar articles in the new year!

Every year I share my top blog articles that were viewed during previous year. It’s no surprise that the articles most viewed by the nursing community are related to workplace bullying.


In order by most viewed, here are my top blog articles viewed in 2016:

  1. Ending the Shift Wars in Nursing

In this article I write about the dayshift versus the nightshift and how they behave as though they are back in the 1800s fighting in the Civil War! Of course, the battlefield is shift report when all of the weapons come out! Please, please stop this. We are all on the same team!

  1. The Wrong Way Leaders Respond to Toxic Employees

In this article, I share the most common strategy leaders use to address a toxic employee yet it’s the WORST strategy to adopt! Hint – it has something to do with the familiar phrase, “Silence is golden”. NO IT ISN’T!!!

  1. Three Ways to Protect Yourself from the Crabby Nurses

Many people ask me why bullying is so prevalent in the nursing profession.  One reason – 90% of us are women!! And women just aren’t that nice to each other. In this article, I write about the “crabby” female nurses and how you can stop their crabby behavior.

  1. 5 Conflict Resolution Strategies for Savvy Nurse Managers

Organizations do a lousy job teaching managers how to address bad behavior, resolve conflict, and hold their people accountable for their behavior and performance. However, that’s what managers spend most of their time dealing with!!! In this article I write about a few simple conflict resolution strategies that managers can adopt with their employees.

  1. How to Identify Low Level Bullying Behavior

Everyone knows who the queen bully is on the unit. However, these queens didn’t start their bullying reign initially. They grew into their “Queendom” because their low level, subtler rude behaviors went unchallenged. In this article, I show you what you can do to recognize and address lower level bullying behavior before the queen gets to be queen!

I hope you enjoy either reading these articles for the first time or re-reading them. If there is a topic you’d like me to include in 2017, please just make a comment below. I’ll do my best to accommodate (hint – conflict resolution style)!

A special thank you for reading my blog, sharing my content, and taking the time to comment. I LOVE hearing from you!

As always, be kind, take care, and stay connected.


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