Culture of Caring

Inspire a Nurse-Driven Initiative for a Healthier Work Culture

In hospitals across the globe, we are seeing an alarming increase in workplace stress and cruelty. There is infighting among staff, tension between shifts and new employees and float staff not being supported. Worse yet, nurses are airing their frustrations in front of patients, which increases patient anxiety and interferes with their recovery.

Our research shows that disruptive behaviors show up in four common ways:

  1. Yelling, criticizing, gossiping, and arguing in patient care areas
  2. Treating float nurses, travelers, and agency nurses in an unsupportive, disrespectful manner
  3. Wars between the day shift and the night shift
  4. Eating our young

The good news is that through the Culture of Caring on-line program, we are witnessing incredible transformations of workplace environments in hospitals all across the country! 

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By acknowledging the challenges that exist and taking conscious action, a culture of caring is possible.

Introducing an employee driven initiative solution

Culture of Caring:

Inspire a Nurse-Driven Initiative for a Healthier Work Culture

This program empowers employees to get involved by leading culture change initiatives within their department in partnership with their leadership and healthcare teams.

By the end of this program, your employees will…

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In 2019, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital won Sigma Nursing’s Healthy Work Environment Award for their commitment in promoting a healthy work environment by rolling our Sacred Spaces in their Pediatric Neuro Unit. Ivette Roldan, Clinical Director, and her team utilized the strategies and tactics they learned in the Culture of Caring Course to improve morale and patient satisfaction.

Culture of Caring Sigma Award
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This course is comprised of 4 initiatives:

  • Sacred Spaces: Promotes kind and caring communication among staff, within patient care areas
  • Red Carpet Treatment: Ensures float staff and travelers are welcomed and well supported
  • Shift Success: Guarantees the transition between shifts and sets the next team up for success
  • Mother Bear: Provides a positive and professional experience for all new employees

Tackling a problem that’s been swept under the carpet for decades can feel like an overwhelming burden but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In order to create a professional, nurturing, and supportive work culture, you can’t just gather a group of leaders and then sit around the table talking about strategies.

You must comprehensively empower your employees to become a part of the solution.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide you and your team with the skills, tools, and resources to truly cultivate a supportive, nurturing, and caring work culture.

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Culture of Caring Sacred Space Nurses
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Through their Patient Experience Council, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple, rolled out Sacred Spaces throughout their organization. Healthcare professionals are reminded to keep conversations positive in patient care areas, thereby, reinforcing their goal to create a positive experience for our patients, their families, and our employees.

By the end of this course, your leaders will…

Frequently Asked Questions

​We enroll cohorts of 6 employees in the Culture of Caring course. The investment for 6 employees is $1,299 and $199 for each additional employee.

The COC course is a virtual program. Participants can access the course at any time during their course access period (1 year)

How long it takes depends on how participants choose to roll out the initiatives within their department. Going through the actual content takes less than 5 hours.

A few days before the course launch date participants receive an email from the course coordinator, with details about the course. Included in this email is a link to a video that shows participants how to log into the course.

One day prior to the launch date, participants receive another email, this time from the course itself, with the course URL, and unique username with password. On the assigned launch date, participants simply log into the course and begin their training.

Many times, issues accessing the course stem from an organizational Internet protocol and can be corrected by contacting the IT department for assistance. If this does not rectify the issues, participants may contact the course manager at

For questions related to the content, the activities, the additional resources or how to gain access to other courses within the Healthy Workforce Academy, please contact Renee Thompson directly at

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