Nursing Success Tips from Kenny G.

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I took my mom to see Kenny G. who was playing with the Pittsburgh Symphony. I’m not a Kenny G. fan but my mom is, and she happened to be visiting from the west coast (I live on the east coast). So I “sacrificed” and took my mom to the show. I love the symphony and thought I’d at least enjoy the background music.
I’m happy to say that by the end of the night, I became a Kenny G. fan! Not because I now love the soprano saxophone (it’s still not my favorite instrument), but because of the human behind the sax. Listening to Kenny G. inspired me to become a better nurse. Nurse?  Yes. Nurse.

Throughout the evening, while Kenny G. played a few songs and told a few stories, not only was I entertained but I also learned what it takes to become an “artist”.
Honing your nursing practice (art) like Kenny G.
There is no way he could play like that just by picking up his saxophone whenever he felt like it. Seriously, he was a freak of nature (in a good way)! I don’t know how someone’s fingers and tongue could move that fast. The only way he was good enough to be on that stage in front of thousands was because he committed to practicing every day of his life, for more than 25 years – whether he felt like it or not.
As nurses, are we committed to practicing our craft whether we feel like it or not?
·      Figure out what your “art” is and spend time practicing, learning, fine tuning until you’re known as the expert
·      Attend continuing educational events whether you’re getting paid or not
·      Commit to daily “practice” – even on your day off, read a blog (like mine!), article, newsletter – something related to your art.
Kenny G. told us that the saxophone he played in his performance was the same saxophone he’s played since high school! However, he now makes his own line of saxophones and actually raffled one off during the show. Why? To inspire other to love music like he does.
As nurses, what are we doing to inspire the next generation of nurses?
·      Say good things about being a nurse
·      Encourage young people to consider nursing as a career
·      Promote the nursing profession by sharing your knowledge with others – especially with a student or new nurse
Kenny G. brought five of his own musicians with him. He shared that he’s been playing with his pianist since high school! You could tell how much they supported and respected each other as musicians and as human beings.
As nurses, are we building lasting relationships with the nurses we “play” with?
·      Go out of your way to help a colleague independently of whether or not he/she would help you
·      Engage in positive gossip about other nurses – compliment, say good things
·      Practice together by attending conferences, inservices; share articles and resources with each other
Honing your nursing practice like Kenny G. can help nurses gain respect for the value (art) they bring to the delivery of health care!
Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your comments about how you hone YOUR nursing practice.
Take care and stay connected
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