Nurses Unite Against the View but What About Each Other?

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Depositphotos_4781890_originalI’m the oldest of 5 kids. My brother, Jerry, is only 10 months younger than me, so when my other siblings were born (in particular – Tina and Erik), Jerry and I quickly found ourselves ganging up on Tina and Erik (Amy was just a baby so she was safe!).
By ganging up, I mean we tortured them. Jerry and I would hide from them and watch them cry; we would pretend they were invisible and completely ignore them – until they cried. Every day our primary objective was to find new ways of making them cry.
We were 8.  
But if ANYONE and I mean ANYONE from the neighborhood tried to do the same, Jerry and I would retaliate and protect Tina and Erik to the death!!!
Yet I just saw the same behavior during the recent Miss Colorado/The View take down this past week.
Nurses protected their “sibling” (Miss Colorado) and all other nurses when attacked by the neighbors.
Yet. Today, tomorrow, and every day after, nurses will be cruel to other nurses.
Why is that?

My hope is that this latest attack on nurses will create a change in culture among nurses. That we will recognize the VALUE we EACH bring to the delivery of care; that only by joining TOGETHER under an umbrella of respect for EACH OTHER, support for the new and old, and by mentoring and nurturing the next generation of nurses.
1.     Celebrate the accomplishments of other nurses – When your colleagues win awards, graduates with advanced degrees, or gets promotions – CELEBRATE them! Brag about them; post their accomplishments on their Facebook page with a “you go girl!!” or a heartfelt “well deserved.”  Do SOMETHING to celebrate them.
2.     Compliment the expertise of other nurses – Instead of being envious of the knowledge or skill level of other nurses, recognize their greatness and COMPLIMENT them – especially in front of others (can be at work or on social media).  Say things like, “Wow. If my patient were in a code situation, I’d want you with me. You really know how to respond in a crisis, “ or, “Your presentation on diabetes is amazing! I could listen to you all day.” Many times we may say these things with our inside voices; make sure you say them with your outside voice too.
3.     Defend and protect your fellow nurses – If you witness a nurse getting bullied or treated badly by another nurse, a physician, or ANYBODY – ACT. Don’t ignore. Protect that nurse like you would your sibling.
Jerry, Tina, Me, Amy, and Erik
I’m really hopeful that the nursing community will use this latest public bashing of nurses as an opportunity to stop bashing each other.
Are you with me?
Thanks so much for reading. I’d love to know your opinion about this topic, so leave comments below and tell me what you think.
Nurses should be kind – not cruel!

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8 thoughts on “Nurses Unite Against the View but What About Each Other?”

  1. I find this to be an interesting comparison.
    I responded to a few individual posts, on the Show me your Stethoscope link, and was promptly attacked, and told to get off of the site (not by the originator of the blog, though)! My comments were regarding the male semi-nude posts and the attack posts, threatening The View hosts, warning that they should worry if they needed medical care. It is my opinion that these types of posts are as damaging to the profession.

  2. JoLynne. I couldn't agree more! I was embarrassed by some of the comments nurses were making. I see this as an opportunity for us to articulate our value – not act like revengeful people. When we threaten, make fun of, and try to humiliate our critics, it just makes us look bad!

  3. Thanks Online Nursing Program. I'm grateful for any shares!! The more we start talking about this problem, the more likely it is we will stop it. Nurses should be kind!! Not cruel.

    Kind regards

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