Nurse Bullying – Enough is enough!

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bullying, horizontal violence, vertical violence, incivility,
Nurse to nurse bullying is a problem. It’s pervasive, destructive and doesn’t belong in a profession dedicated to caring and compassion. While nurses can be so kind to their patients, they can be horrific to each other.
We know that students and new nurses are the most vulnerable, however, all nurses may find themselves targets throughout their career. Nobody is safe.
48% of graduating nurses are concerned that they are going to become the target of workplace bullying.
60% of all new nurses quit their first job within the first 6 month due to the behavior of their co-workers
Almost every day of my life a nurse reaches out to me asking for help.
I spend the majority of my time helping individuals and organizations eliminate disruptive behaviors in healthcare and I need YOUR help.
Can you please complete the following short survey (basically 2 questions) related to nurse bullying? Your input will help me develop the content, resources and programs we need to finally put an end to this embarrassing problem.
To access survey, click here.
Imagine a world where nurse bullying didn’t exist. Where nurses went out of their way to support each other; where you knew your co-workers HAD your back and you didn’t have to worry about them stabbing you in the back.
Pretty great world huh? Nurses are the ones who created this problem and we are the ones who can solve it.
Nurses should be kind – not cruel!
Thank you so much!


Check out my brand new website, Nurses Do No Harm, designed to eliminate nurse bullying.

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