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As an organizational psychologist, Dr. Mitch Kusy brings 25 years of consulting and research on how toxic personalities erode the patient experience. His systems approach to addressing toxic personalities has become a benchmark worldwide for improving patient safety and satisfaction, as well as healthcare team performance. Mitch has consulted and been a keynote speaker with hundreds of organizations
nationally and internationally helping create healthcare cultures of “everyday civility” with demonstrated improvement in team and financial performance.

Dr. Kusy is the author of six business books and hundreds of professional articles. He is a professor in the PhD program in Leadership and Change at Antioch University. Previously, he directed organization development at HealthPartners and American Express. In 1998, he received the Minnesota Organization Development Practitioner of the Year Award and was a 2005 Fulbright Scholar in Organization Development.

In 2018, Mitch joined the team at the Healthy Workforce Institute as a researcher, content expert, speaker, and consultant with a specialization in designing healthy workplace cultures and addressing disruptive behaviors of professionals to improve patient safety, team performance, and the bottom line. His three-year research study with over 400 individuals regarding disruptive behaviors in organizations has become a benchmark for action and resulted in Mitch’s two latest books, Toxic Workplace and Why I Don’t Work Here Anymore. His numerous TV and radio appearances are attributed to his using research evidence to help organizations understand how to deal with bullying and other toxic behaviors in the workplace.

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Bullying & Incivility in Healthcare • Creating Healthy Workforce Cultures • Cultivating a Culture of Everyday Civility with Physicians • Emotional Intelligence

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