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Bullying, bullying, bullying. You can’t read an online newsletter, watch a television program or listen to the radio without hearing the word bullying. Even the show, “So You Think You Can Dance” just choreographed a dance about the detrimental impact of bullying (I love that show!). While most of the bullying is focused on children in primary school, we are starting to hear accounts of bullying among adults. And guess what? The public is starting to find out about nurses’ “dirty little secret” too. Yes. While nurses can be compassionate towards patients, we can be horrific to each other.
But, can every bad behavior be considered bullying? Or, is some of the behavior just drama?

Here’s a general guide to help you figure out if your co-worker is a drama queen/king or a bully:
If your co-worker is a drama queen/king, they usually display the following behaviors:
·      negative gossip about others
·      constantly complains about EVERYTHING
·      has a “sky is falling” attitude (everything is a crisis)
·      generally loves an audience
If your co-worker is a bully, they usually display the following behaviors:
·      verbal criticism or name-calling
·      sabotages, undermines, intimidates or threatens
·      embarrasses others in public
·      behavior compromises pt. safety
Note: these are just a few
This is my definition of bullying: “It’s the repeated pattern of destructive behavior with the conscious or unconscious attempt to do harm.”
The key here is “repeated pattern of behavior.”
The first step to stop the cycle of bullying is awareness/recognition. So, go back to your workplace and observe. Who are the bullies and who are just dramatic?
Hmmm…perhaps we should all turn the mirrors on ourselves too. After all, SOMEBODY is the bully. SOMEBODY is the drama queen/king. If we are going to eliminate this terrible and embarrassing “secret” in the nursing profession, we all have to do our part! 
Thanks so much for reading. I’m doing my best to help individuals and organizations stop the cycle of nurse bullying!
Would love to read your comments about this topic.
Thanks so much. Take care and stay connected.
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