How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

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Guest post by John Pritchard
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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated
A good leader motivates his/her team and inspires them to work hard. An effective leader recognizes staff contributions and rewards staff accordingly; this isn’t always in the form of compensation but often with other less-tangible perks that make the individual feel validated and valued.
Some straight-to-the-point strategies to motivate your team that I use at Venture Medical include:

Money motivates. Incentive-based campaigns at work can be an excellent way to motivate your team and increase productivity. Monetary rewards based on reaching sales goals, recruiting clients, making contacts, or whatever is at play can really give a team a gentle push and inspire them to work hard.
Sometimes a simple affirmation or compliment for a job well-done can motivate and inspire employees. It can be tiresome to only get called out when something comes up short; being recognized when things are going well can serve to instill confidence and pride in your team members. Don’t wait for a major achievement or accomplishment to let someone know that their work is valued; thank them for their punctuality, pleasant attitude, or courteous customer interaction whenever it is observed.
Many employees identify their ideal workplace as being one where each and every person is treated with respect. This seems like a simple request yet is sorely lacking in many work settings. Pay attention to how you speak to those around you; be polite and courteous, convey transparency and genuineness. Try not to be reactive in a crisis or irritable in situations at work, so your team will feel comfortable coming to you in any circumstance, openly and honestly. This can be truly motivating.
Think about how you speak to and with your staff; are you a positive and clear communicator? Making directives clear and concise can help staff do what is being asked of them, and using synergy when speaking to your team can motivate them to do their best. Synergistic communication is engaging others positively, putting value on the interaction, and having optimism in the outcome. Check out some of the online classes and tutorials that offer instruction in this communication style (geared toward employers and team leaders).
While it is important to maintain an atmosphere of respect and communication, a little healthy competition can go a long way towards motivating employees. Sharing success numbers can encourage strong performers to continue to push themselves, and give other employees something to strive for. In addition, those who are honored for success may be able to provide insights that can help your entire team succeed.
There are many ways within an organization to give a specific individual or team proper kudos. This may come in the form of promotions, raises, or giving someone the credit for work done well. Depending on the type of business that you represent, this might even be something like giving someone a larger office space or promotional product, like a jacket or a fancy pen. Whatever it is, people like to receive kudos. It may foster a sense of loyalty, which can make for long-term, satisfied staff members.
Keep employees motivated and maintain a positive work environment
A good leader recognizes and rewards achievements at work, whether it be in the form of monetary incentives or a promotion within the organization or company. When staff feel appreciated, they will feel more satisfaction in their role within the team, and strive even higher. In other words, a happy team is a productive one!
Author Byline
John Pritchard is CEO and Sales Leader of Venture Medical, a leader in the nation’s medical equipment industry. He is passionate about educating those in the medical industry on the importance of high quality medical equipment and supplies. His transparent business techniques and strategies for low-pressure sales and marketing are core values in building relationships.

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