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The Emotionally Intelligent Nurse: New Insights for Nurse Retention and High Performance

Keynote Description:

We have all heard the term — “emotional intelligence”—when referring to nurses who have savvy skills to build and maintain relationships. But that’s only part of the story. Emotional intelligence is an ability to recognize the meaning of emotions, their relationships, and to positively manage emotions for reasoning and problem solving. This includes improving nursing practice to impact team performance and patient care. Isn’t this exactly what high performance nursing is all about?!

In this fun, high-spirited keynote address, organizational psychologist and HWI consultant, Dr. Mitch Kusy, will share top practices of emotional intelligence through the nursing lens. Mitch brings exciting research on emotional intelligence to life in energizing ways.

Participants will discover why nurses who are emotionally intelligent find greater satisfaction in their work—presenting a unique way to address the nursing shortage in our midst!

Sharing the most recent evidence-based research with pizzazz, Mitch will demonstrate the power of emotional intelligence on nursing practice. The results? Improved personal well-being, team performance, and the overall patient experience.


At the end of this keynote presentation, participants will be able to:


Nurses; Nursing Leaders, Meaningful Recognition Celebrations


Dr. Mitch Kusy
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