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Creating a Speak-Up Culture: A Game Changer to Improve Patient Outcomes and Team Performance

Keynote Description:

You’ve probably heard the term bantered about—”Speak-Up Culture.” But what does that really mean?  The latest research evidence reveals that it does not happen through osmosis. In fact, it takes 4 types of psychological safety, an understanding of behavioral consequences, and leadership modeling beyond good intentions. The research examined in this keynote presentation reveals when employees feel safe to speak up, personal well-being, team performance, and ultimately, patient outcomes improve.

Creating a Speak-Up culture in healthcare is a gamechanger!

In this keynote presentation, we will explore the top actions leaders can implement immediately to empower their employees to Speak-Up, especially when the stakes are high.

Speaking-Up—It’s not a mantra or a “nice to have.” It’s an essential and critical responsibility for every healthcare leader and member of the interprofessional team. In this presentation, leaders and interprofessional team members will immediately walk away with vital strategies to achieve positive results!



Nurses; Healthcare Leaders; Interprofessional teams


Dr. Mitch Kusy
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