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From Dr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll: Provider’s Role in Addressing Disruptive Behaviors


If you were about to make a mistake, would you want someone to call you on it or stay silent because no one wanted to be the target of your wrath? What if that mistake was going to happen to your mother, husband, or child?

Honest and respectful communication among clinical teams is central to safe care. When team members feel unable to speak up due to negative consequences, care will be compromised.

As an organizational psychologist and 2005 Fulbright Scholar in Organization Development, Dr. Mitch Kusy will help healthcare leaders identify what behaviors undermine a culture of safety – and key takeaways will include key strategies to strengthen collegial relationships between the physicians and nurses; improve overall communication, and most importantly, hardwire it so any incidence of disruptive behaviors are immediately addressed and professionalism becomes the new norm.


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