Forensic Notes to the Rescue: Securely Document Workplace Bullying Incidents

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You love your job and the patients you help, but why do you feel anxious about going to work?

As Dr. Renee Thompson points out, “Of the new nurses who quit their first job, 60% cite workplace bullying behavior as the primary reason.”

Although you may have difficult and trying moments as you care for your patients throughout the day; it is your interactions with co-workers that leaves you feeling emotionally and physically drained.

Most people decide to work in the healthcare industry due to a strong desire to help others. What most don’t expect is the daily bullying by co-workers and supervisors that is often prevalent among nurses, doctors and healthcare staff.

If the bullying has gotten to the point where you simply can’t take it any longer, you will want to ensure that you provide credible and honest documentation of the situation should you decide to seek assistance from Human Resources, your union, or an employment lawyer.

Below we will discuss how to create credible evidence that you can use to help prove the bullying you feel at work.

How Can I Prove Workplace Bullying?

Although it would be ideal if you began to document all negative situations at work upon the first situation occurring, the reality is that most people won’t begin to take detailed notes until the problem has escalated to a point that they feel emotionally drained.

It is essential that you begin to properly document all current and past incidents as soon as you realize that the situation is not going to get better without you being proactive and taking a stand for your own wellbeing.

What Should I include in my notes?


When writing your statement or notes on a bullying incident, you need to properly document the incident so that its factual, objective, and of course, as accurate as possible. You should also be sure to write chronologically and in first person so that it’s easy to read and understand.

You want to ensure that you tell the whole story and not just the parts that make you appear more innocent in the situation. By being honest and giving a clear and accurate representation of the incident, you will be more credible to the person reading your statement even if it shows that you didn’t handle the situation as appropriately as you should have.

Bullying often becomes a ‘he said, she said’ situation so your credibility and honesty will help to show that you are properly perceiving the situation as it is. It is also highly recommended to find a credible witness who is willing to provide a signed statement at the time of the incident which will further enhance your trustworthiness should you need to present your evidence months or even years later.

As Dr. Renee Thompson recently wrote, “We are beginning to see a trend against bullying by holding employers responsible to protect employees from bullying behavior.” Within her article, Dr. Thompson discusses a recent case where a clinic agreed to pay a nurse $440,000 as a result of a lawsuit she filed after taking the correct steps to address the bullying and hostile work environment.

How Should I Document Workplace Bullying?

There are potentially serious consequences in how you decide to document your bullying.

As stated above, it may be your word against the word of the bully with the other side potentially hiring an experienced defense lawyer to attack your credibility to protect its prized doctor that generates millions in revenue for the medical office each year.

As a result, it is absolutely essential that you are able to prove when you wrote your statements. Both handwritten and electronic notes have issues if you do not have a way to validate the date upon which you wrote it.

Announcing! A resource Just For You!

Forensic Notes is a huge fan of Dr. Thompson’s blog and the work she does to help fight against bullying within the healthcare industry.  As a result, Forensic Notes is partnering with Dr. Thompson to offer you a Free 1-year
“Workplace Harassment” account which will allow you to properly document your workplace bullying incidents.

Forensic Notes allows you to create credible evidence that is time-stamped by an independent third party.
This allows you to prove the date when you wrote a note or saved a document. No payment information is requested or required.

Final Thoughts About Workplace Bullying

Bullying within your workplace is not something you should tolerate nor accept. By talking about the issues within the healthcare industry, as Dr. Thompson does, we will be able to make changes for the better to reduce your stress and anxiety related to work.

Can you think of any workplace bullying situations you should have documented in the past, but now have difficulty remembering? Please tell us in the comment section below how documenting could have helped you.

About Forensic Notes

Forensic Notes provides you the functionality you have come to expect from a digital note taking application while adhering to the requirements of paper notebooks that are accepted within the courts. Highlight your Credibility and Honesty by documenting Workplace Bullying with Forensic Notes.

Table of Contents

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  1. Hi I am so very grateful for this site!
    I signed up for an ASN program, did really well on the entrance exam only to be told by the d.o.n. of the college’s Dept of nursing, that “you’ll know if you’ve had enough”..
    And I said “how is that?” So she said “you’ll just know”… Well the next day I had a meeting with the other instructor and she told me “you can take a break and come back if you need to..”. So I just listened, answered a few questions and left. Class starts in Jan. Of 17. I’m starting to realize that they are trying to kick me out even before I start!! I am a very short and small woman, and (look frail although I’m not)– I’m pretty healthy (except for my low thyroid and some occasional wheezing for which I use a puffer..) My age of 60 they said was not an issue..A nurse friend and I talked and she said they will probably harass me during the whole program as that is what they do..and do I want to be fighting all the time as that would be the would make me become ill..So this is my story..I will withdraw next week and do something else…I have to accept the fact that, like the nurse friend says, I can’t change the way I look- and people will take advantage of that and the bullying will increase…so thank you for reading this..
    I’m wondering if I got an attorney as a cushion and just drop a hint here and there if that would stop the bullies in their tracks…
    I just hope I can withdraw without a penalty before class starts…Happy day!! and Thanks for the much needed support!! swyszynski345@gmail

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