Equip Front Line Leaders

Equip leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to cultivate a healthy work culture

There is an epidemic of bullying and incivility in healthcare that not only affects morale and retention, but it also affects patient outcomes. The problem is leaders do not always have the knowledge or skills to deal with the disruptive behaviors of their employees, especially the employees who are so clinically competent. Therefore, they often do what’s comfortable – they do nothing.  As a result, we are hemorrhaging great employees and harming the very patients whom we’re serving.

We can no longer afford to use silence as a strategy.

Imagine if every leader in your organization was equipped with the essential skills they needed to set healthy behavioral expectations and hold people accountable when they fall short.

Game changer.

With Healthy Workforce Institute’s resources and services, you can begin to shift your culture by equipping your front line leaders in building a workplace culture where everyone can thrive and patients receive the best care.

We’ve worked with thousands of leaders who now have the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources they need to set behavioral expectation, confront disruptive behaviors, and hold employees accountable for professional conduct.

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How HWI Can Help: Resources and Services for Equipping Front Line Leaders

We’ve helped thousands of leaders transform their departments by setting clear behavioral expectations, confronting disruptive behaviors, and hold their teams accountable for professional conduct.

Your leaders could be next.

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