Empower and Bully-Proof Your Nurses

What is one chronic and painful problem in the healthcare industry that no one seems able to solve?

That’s easy – it’s nurses bullying nurses. We’ve been hemorrhaging really great nurses to bullying and incivility for decades. It’s NOT supposed to be this way. As a leader, you have an opportunity to not only equip yourself with the skills and tools YOU need to address disruptive behaviors, but also to equip your nurses, especially your newest graduate nurses, with ways to protect and bully-proof themselves.

If you’re not empowering your new graduate nurses to stand up to the bullies, they WILL leave you.

We know what it’s like to put all your time and energy into hiring and onboarding new nurses, only to watch them leave shortly after their orientation program is complete. They aren’t leaving because of pay. They are leaving because of how badly they are being treated.

It’s time to finally put an end to nurse bullying.

Ask any nurse if he or she has heard the phrase, “Nurses eat their young,” and you’ll get nods of sad recognition. Nurses choose their profession to deliver compassionate and effective patient care, and then they discover the ugly in nursing: nurses can be horrific to each other.

This book was written to guide nurses along a new path. Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP, a bullying and incivility nurse expert with extensive experience in direct patient care, leadership, and education across healthcare venues, tackles the dirty secret that has plagued nursing for years.

Here’s what you will learn:

Get the Do No Harm Book Bundle!

In this special offer, get the Do No Harm book for $19.99 and you’ll get our FREE eBook ‘Conversations About Nurse Bullying – A Toolkit for Healthcare Leaders to Eliminate Bullying’ ($35 value)!

We designed this toolkit as a compliment to the book, “Do No Harm” Applies to Nurses Too! Strategies to Protect and Bully-proof Yourself at Work. Chapter by chapter, the toolkit gives you discussion questions, activities, and more!

In our Conversations Toolkit eBook, you’ll be able to:

  • Prepare student and new graduate nurses for the reality of disruptive behavior in the current healthcare environment, AND, most importantly, how to address it
  • Set expectations for professional behavior to help prevent the next generation of nurse bullies
  • Provide practical strategies to address disruptive behavior in the workplace

This Book Bundle can completely change the way your teams treat each other and turn your workplace into a healthy, respectful, and nurturing environment.

Working in healthcare is hard enough without worrying about your employees treating each other poorly. As healthcare professionals, we have important work to do and have zero time to deal with bullying and incivility.

Trust me – by applying our simple, easy to do tactics in this book bundle, your employees, especially your newest graduate nurses, can walk into work and not worry about WHO they’re working with because they’ll have the confidence to handle anything their co-workers throw their way.

It takes all of us to stop accepting “nurses eat their young” as the norm. Isn’t it time we stop eating each other and start supporting each other?

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