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  About Dr. Renee Thompson 

As an international speaker, author, and consultant, Dr. Renee Thompson tackles the professional challenges facing healthcare leaders today. With 26 years as a clinical nurse, nurse educator, quality manager, and nurse executive, Dr. Thompson is an expert on workplace bullying, and spends the majority of her time working with healthcare organizations that want to eliminate bullying and incivility.  

Renee is the CEO and President of RTConnections, LLC and Founder of The Healthy Workforce Institute and has been repeatedly published, interviewed, and awarded for her work to educate, connect, and inspire current and future nurses in healthcare. She is the author of several books and is in demand as a keynote speaker.  

Dr. Thompson has been published in numerous nursing journals including, but not limited to, Journal of Medsurg Nursing, Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA), Nursing 2008, and Oncology Nursing News. She is a frequent invited guest on radio, podcasts, webinars, and online nursing blogs.