Course Description

This 2-day review course can be used for nurses preparing to take the Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse (CNRN) exam or for nurses who want an in-depth neuroscience review. The course provides participants with a comprehensive review of neurological disease processes and evidenced based treatment modalities for this highly specialized patient population. Through integration of lecture, graphics and practice questions, this course will help nurses integrate expert knowledge with clinical practice. Taking this course will provide those taking the CNRN exam with information necessary for testing success!



At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe techniques for preparing for a neuroscience certification examination.
  • Incorporate the pathophysiology of various neurological disease states into their nursing assessments and the overall planning, implementation, and evaluation of patient specific care.
  • Identify outcome and evaluation criteria used by nurses to determine the effectiveness of nursing care provided in the neuroscience population.
  • Identify the legal, ethical and professional responsibilities inherent of practicing in a neuroscience nursing environment.


Course Topics

  • Test taking strategies
  • Common neurological ailments and evidenced based treatment modalities specific to:
    • Cerebrovascular accidents
    • CNS Tumors
    • Seizures
    • Neurotrauma
    • CNS infections
    • Pediatric and Developmental
  • Sample test questions


Contact Hours

13 Contact Hours Earned



Feather Bacher MSN RN CNRN

Feather has 16 years of nursing experience. In addition to her most recent positions in clinical administration, she spent more than a decade at the bedside in a Neurovascular Intensive Care Unit at a nationally recognized multi-hospital health system. She participates as a guest speaker for the neurological nursing portion of the health system’s critical care certification course. Feather has been proud to maintain her certification as a Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse and is excited to be helping other neuroscience nurses achieve certification status.

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