Let’s get together for Altogether August!

Are you drifting into your week, hoping things will get better at work or are you designing it? How about designing your own month’s activities calendar as a team?

Instructions: Have your team get together and fill out the days of the month with ways they can inspire teamwork and kindness in your department. We got you started with 10 of ours; you just have to come up with 21 more!

Conduct this activity ahead of time so that you’re ready to roll out August 1st!

Print out your finished calendar and post it up anywhere your team spends time (even in the bathroom!).

“We’re all in this together” means today, tomorrow, and forever – cultivating a healthy work culture requires healthy teams.

2022 August HWI Calendar

About HWI

The Healthy Workforce Institute is the global leader in addressing disruptive behavior in healthcare. Through our cadre of services, we provide the strategies, skills, and solutions to address any incidences of disruptive behaviors that show up in healthcare.

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