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Bullying preventionDuring the month of October, the world comes together to raise awareness for bullying prevention and to reflect on where we have been, where we are now, and where we hope to be in the years to come. This year’s National Bullying Prevention Month marks the 12th anniversary of its initiation by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.  This month serves as a reminder that any incidents of bullying or incivility must be addressed, especially in healthcare where the way we treat each other affects someone’s life.

Did you know?

According to a survey of more than 4,500 doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel, 71% linked disruptive behavior, such as abusive, condescending, or rude, insulting personal conduct, to medical errors, and 27% tied such behavior to patient deaths (Rosenstein and O’Daniel).

When disruptive behaviors go unaddressed in healthcare, bad things happen to patients and employees. At the Healthy Workforce Institute, we’re on a mission to create a world where bullying and incivility are immediately rejected and kindness, respect, and professionalism become the new norm.

We owe it to our public and to ourselves to stop using silence as a strategy when dealing with disruptive behaviors in healthcare.

Commit to Cultivating a Healthier Workforce Culture

In honor of bullying prevention month, we’re doing everything we can to give healthcare teams the tools they need to address disruptive behaviors so that they can cultivate and sustain a healthy, professional, and supportive workforce culture. As essentially the Chief Nursing Executive of their departments, front line leaders hold the quintessential role in determining their culture. Therefore, cultivating a professional work culture begins with the leader.

Bullying prevention – Tools for Front Line Leaders

There is an epidemic of bullying and incivility in healthcare that not only affects morale and turnover, but it also affects patient outcomes. The problem is that front line leaders do not always understand how to deal with the bad behavior of their employees, especially the employees who are so clinically competent. Therefore, they often do what’s comfortable – they do nothing.  As a result, we are hemorrhaging really great employees and harming the very patients whom we’re serving.

Bullying prevention is possible when leaders are equipped with the tools they need to set behavioral expectations and hold employees accountable.

The Healthy Workforce Academy

The Healthy Workforce Institute sought to build confident healthcare leaders who competently address disruptive behaviors in the moment and cultivate a culture of mutual respect across all disciplines. Through our online learning platform, the Healthy Workforce Academy (HWA), leaders learn how to:

  • Reduce incidents of bullying and incivility
  • Set behavioral expectations and hold everyone accountable for professional behavior
  • Skillfully handle difficult situations involving unprofessional behavior
  • Cultivate caring and respectful work cultures

The Healthy Workforce Academy is a repository of online programs specifically designed to support front line leaders and their teams in cultivating a professional, supportive, and respectful workforce culture. With individualized coaching calls, videos, program outlines, data, resources, and recorded didactic presentations, leaders embrace a stepwise process to build the leadership skills they need to build cohesive respectful teams.

Now we’re making it easier for leaders to get the tools they need to address bullying and incivility!

During the month of October, we’re offering our foundational course, Eradicating Bullying & Incivility: Essential Skills for Healthcare Leaders, at 50% off the course fee [enter code OCT2020 to receive the discount].

Amazing results from previous leaders

Over 400 healthcare leaders have completed this course with amazing results! At the beginning of the course, leaders were weakest in holding people accountable and setting behavioral expectations. They were strongest in recognizing disruptive behaviors.

Where they improved the most was in holding people accountable (Improvement of 105%).

On average, participants in the program achieved a 72 point increase in their overall Eradicating Bullying & Incivility score (p<0.0001).

While we showed statistically significant results, what’s even more remarkable was talking with the leaders who shared how they became more confident as a leader, spent less time dealing with employee complaints, and were able to spend more time actually strengthening their teams.

They no longer felt the burden of an unhealthy workforce culture because they had the tools they needed to eradicate bullying and incivility from their department. And this is why we’re making it easy and cost effective during National Bullying Prevention month so that more and more leaders get the help they need to address disruptive behaviors.

Leaders are tired of dealing with employee’s behaving badly. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with the many responsibilities just to manage a unit let alone dealing with the pettiness, complaining, nitpicking, etc. of their employees.

The HWA equips leaders so that any incidents of bullying or incivility are immediately rejected and a healthy workforce culture becomes the new norm. As a result, healthcare teams are more engaged and fulfilled to better serve patients and each other.

To get access to this limited, time sensitive offer, click here and be sure to enter the code OCT2020 (all caps). Offer expires at the end of day, October 31, 2020.

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Table of Contents

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