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3 Ways to Strengthen Relationships with Human Resources Partners

Over the last 10 years, I’ve talked with many healthcare leaders about their attempts to hold employees accountable for professional behavior. When they FINALLY decide to terminate an employee because of disruptive behaviors, they hit a brick wall in the Human Resource Department. HR often tells them that they don’t have enough evidence to support termination or haven’t counseled the employee enough. However, it’s not always HR’s fault. I’ve talked with a lot of HR representatives…


Healthcare Organization Combats Workplace Bullying

Since starting my company in 2010, I’ve worked with over 175 clients. How I’ve served them all varies. From giving a keynote at a conference or event, facilitating a series of education and training sessions, to teaching their leaders my process to eradicate bad behavior through my online academy and for some, spending more than a year through my deep dive consulting. It’s been an amazing opportunity to serve. One client has truly stepped up as…


Bullying From the Eyes of the Bully

Bullying is an ongoing, escalating pattern of aggressive behavior directed toward a person or group of people, which is based on or leads to an imbalance of power, with an underlying intent to harm. Among nurses, bullying occurs in a wide range of settings, including academia, acute care hospitals, ambulatory care settings, and skilled facilities. Bullying can happen in a shifting power dynamic, called contrapower harassment, where those with a lesser status bully people in authority…


How Performance Reviews Can Eliminate Workplace Bullying

How Performance Reviews Can Eliminate Workplace Bullying

Do performance reviews come to mind when you think about the workplace bullying epidemic we have in healthcare? Of course not, but they should! I’ve talked with thousands of nurse leaders over the years about their attempts to set behavioral expectations and hold their employees accountable. At least 75% bring up a significant barrier or brick wall. The brick wall, according to the leaders, is Human Resources. The leaders tell me that when they FINALLY decide…


You Fired Your Bully. Do You Tell Your Staff?

You Fired Your Bully - Do You Tell Your Staff_

Have you ever fired a bully? Did you wonder how to tell your staff or if you even should? Let’s say you’re a manager in an ICU and just fired one of your older, experienced nurses because of continued disruptive behavior. You can almost see and feel the tension in the air among your employees.  Eyes are darting back and forth; people are whispering in the corner; and everyone stops talking as soon as you enter…

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