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Beating Burnout With Optimism

Humans are born either more positive or more negative – it’s genetic. You can be born more positive but when you enter into a negative work environment, you can easily adopt the negative attitudes and behaviors from other people because of something in our brains called mirror neurons. Spend time with people who are negative and over time; you will see the world through a negative lens too. The flip side is true. Spend time with…


How R-E-S-P-E-C-T Shows Up Differently in the Workplace

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone treated each other with respect in the workplace? Employees respecting each other no matter what the situation would certainly make it easier for the manager. So often I’ve heard managers say, “I just wish my employees would be respectful towards each other and respectful towards me!” Some even tell their employees, “That’s it. From now on you’re going to be respectful.” As a way to combat bullying and incivility, I…


Create a Culture of Caring for Float Staff

How to create a culture of caring for float staff

A culture of caring is CRUCIAL in healthcare. Especially when it comes to caring for float staff. One of the worst experiences nurses have is when they THINK they are working on their home unit only to find out they’ve been pulled to another unit. Ugh. We all know what happens to float nurses, travelers, and agency nurses. They often get the worst assignments, don’t get a lunch break, and are treated like gum on someone’s…


Is Rudeness Really on the Rise?

Is Rudeness Really on the Rise-

It’s no secret that rudeness takes center stage in a lot of of conversational arenas these days, but is it really on the rise or is it just something new to complain about? We don’t have to look very far to get the answer.  When my daughters were young, they would go trick or treating with the neighborhood kids. As I stood at the front door to hand out candy, I would watch the other kids run…


Mother Bear Is Here! The Art of Protecting New Nurses

The bond between a mother bear and her cub is very strong. Mother bears are the quintessential role models for loving and protecting offspring. When a mother bear detects a threat to her cubs, what does she do? She gets “bat sh** crazy” on them! A mother bear will sacrifice her life to save her cubs. When a cub cries, this indicates the cub is cold, wet, or needs food so the mother bear feeds, warms, or…

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