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Nine Promises to Your Coworkers

As seasons change, I find myself making promises of things I want to do and accomplish. Yesterday, when I looked at the calendar, I started to panic realizing it is already the end of July. What have I accomplished at work and at home? Where have I traveled? I scan through social media postings and think, “Wow, they are having fun!” Well, I am, too! Maybe even more fun! However, I, along with everyone else, tend…


10 Books Every Nurse Leader Must Read

10 Books Every Nurse Leader Must Read

I have yet to encounter a respected leader who embodied all the principles of authentic leadership on their first day in a leadership role. However, there are certainly people who seem to have a knack for it while others clearly do not. What I know to be true about great leaders is that they didn’t become great overnight, but grew into great leaders over time. One way to build the essential skills that make you a…


15 Building Blocks for Successful Nursing Practice

I’ve never thought of myself as a coach (even though I used to offer career coaching as a service). However, when I think about it, I’ve been “coaching” for decades. And so have you. As nurses, we coach our patients to be more compliant with their treatments. As preceptors, we coach our new nurses by helping them transition into professional practice. As nurse leaders, we coach our employees by creating environments where they can excel clinically…


5 Life Lessons Every Nurse Can Learn From John Wooden

5 Life Lessons Every Nurse Can Learn From John Wooden

John Wooden was arguably the most successful, probably the most influential, and certainly the most studied coach in the history of US sports. His UCLA basketball teams won 11 national championships over a 13 year span. But, his influence is more than a matter of wins and losses. He spoke very little about “winning”. Winning – the final numbers of the scoreboard – was the result of a process, of doing things the right way. And…

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