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The Right & Wrong Way Leaders Recognize Employees

Employee recognition is getting a lot of attention lately. Some versions of employee appreciation, the employee experience, engagement, and employee recognition programs are showing up in my LinkedIn news feed, newsletters I subscribe to, and in conference session titles. I can’t hop on a social media platform or read a healthcare journal without encountering SOMETHING about how leaders are recognizing or appreciating their employees. Is recognizing employees REALLY worth our time and energy? Shouldn’t adult professionals,…


How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Guest post by John Pritchard   How to Keep Your Employees Motivated A good leader motivates his/her team and inspires them to work hard. An effective leader recognizes staff contributions and rewards staff accordingly; this isn’t always in the form of compensation but often with other less-tangible perks that make the individual feel validated and valued.   Some straight-to-the-point strategies to motivate your team that I use at Venture Medical include:   Money Money motivates. Incentive-based…

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