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How To Protect Yourself From The Chronic Complainers

Have you ever worked with someone who complained constantly? I bet you have.  I remember a small group of nurses on the first unit I ever worked. These nurses would spend their time complaining about EVERYTHING! They were unhappy with administration, the food in the cafeteria, their coworkers, and of course, their pay.   It wasn’t like they just said a comment here or there – no, they complained EVERYWHERE – in the break room, in the cafeteria, and especially at the nurses’ station. This group of nurses…


Spreading Kindness as an Antidote to Cruelty

October is National Bully Prevention month. While the world focuses on how to stop bullying in schools, communities, and of course, the workplace, last year I decide to shift my focus a bit. As the Founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute, my goal is to eradicating bad behavior in healthcare. After all, the way the healthcare team treats each other is just as important as the care they provide. When disruptive behaviors go unaddressed, bad things…


Fall Back In Love With Nursing + a FREE Gift (or two)!

As I’m sure you’re aware, this week is Nurses Week. And do you know what I love most about Nurses Week? Reflecting on my nursing career and making a conscious effort to be better when this week rolls around the following year. One of the many ways to do that is to fall back in love with nursing. Think back to when you were making the decision to become a nurse. For some of us, we…


The Gifted Nurse: Compassion

The Gifted Nurse - Compassion

Compassion in nursing is so much more than being nice to patients. Compassion is about connecting with human beings on a level deeper than just “the GI bleeder in room 14 bed 2”. When nurses extend compassion, they provide the patient a sense of security. A feeling that their condition and concerns are being heard, recognized and acted upon. Compassion fosters a strong foundation of trust and assures them that you’re both working towards the best…

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