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Healthy Workforce Institute equips healthcare leaders to better lead professional teams and empower employees to provide the best healthcare possible. Dr. Renee Thompson is a leading authority on creating a healthy workforce culture by eradicating nurse bullying, workplace bullying, and incivility.

May 16, 20121

Tips for Student Nurses: Using Brain Science to Prepare for NCLEX

This is a wonderful time of year for many nursing students. You can smell graduation in the air!  The ceremonies are planned, dedications are written, and families are making travel plans. How exciting! The long and hard (sometimes almost impossible) journey to become a nurse is almost complete.  
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May 2, 20121

Mastering the Art and Science of Giving and Receiving Feedback

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Have you ever worked really hard on a project or presentation and either had to ask a colleague for feedback or had to ask an audience to evaluate you? Those moments when you know others are evaluating your work can be both exciting and torturous!  Nobody can deliver
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April 25, 20121

Classroom Etiquette: Professional competence tips for student nurses

I once had a student who, let’s just say, hadn’t mastered the skill of professional competence. For the entire four hours of class, she slouched forward with her head supported by her hand, as close to the desk as possible without actually touching it. I don’t think she
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April 11, 20121

Nurses. Want to Succeed? Make sure you’re in the right posse!

I met a colleague for dinner last week at a popular Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh. Our waitress, Kathy, was very nice but you could tell she was insecure. Kathy made statements such as, “I’m new here.” “I’m not sure. Oh…ah…let me see.” etc.  It wasn’t so much what
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February 2, 20121

Tips for New Nursing Grads: Documentation dos and don’ts.

As a new nurse, most of your time is spent learning how to safely care for patients. If it were only that simple, right? Equally important is your ability to document clearly, concisely and in a way that protects your patients and you. Many new nurses don’t always
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January 11, 20121

Tips for New Nursing Grads: Beware of the Social Media Sirens

Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Diggs, Google+, etc…heck, you can’t even watch a television show without being bombarded by their social media marketing plugs. Almost everybody has at least a Facebook Page – schools, health care organizations and even the mom and pop shops are utilizing
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December 8, 20112

“I am Spartacus.” The Power of a Shared Vision

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If you asked 10 different nurses to identify the primary goal or vision of their department/unit, what would they say? How confident are you that every nurse would identify the same goal? The answer to this question might be the key to improving your work environment. This is
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November 9, 20111

Nurses: Got Conflict?

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When I ask nurses to identify their biggest communication issue, unanimously they answer, “Conflict!” But is all conflict bad?  Conflict is inevitable. Without conflict, organizations would fail to grow, societies would fail to expand and populations would fail to adapt. However, not all conflict is made the same. 
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September 7, 20111

Most Common Communication Sin: Triangulation

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I am in the process of writing my first book. I’m not sure about the title yet, but it’s a book about (pick a name) horizontal violence, nurse-to-nurse bullying, nurses eating their young, etc. You get my point. It’s really a self-help book for those of us that
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August 17, 20111

Tips for New Nursing Grads: Target of bullying? Don’t suffer in silence!

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New nurses fear two things when they start their first job: Making a mistake and that the other nurses will eat them alive! Really. I’ve talked with many student and graduate nurses over the years and get the same response: “What if the nurses are mean? Does my
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