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Healthy Workforce Institute equips healthcare leaders to better lead professional teams and empower employees to provide the best healthcare possible. Dr. Renee Thompson is a leading authority on creating a healthy workforce culture by eradicating nurse bullying, workplace bullying, and incivility.

November 9, 20111

Nurses: Got Conflict?

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When I ask nurses to identify their biggest communication issue, unanimously they answer, “Conflict!” But is all conflict bad?  Conflict is inevitable. Without conflict, organizations would fail to grow, societies would fail to expand and populations would fail to adapt. However, not all conflict is made the same. 
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September 7, 20111

Most Common Communication Sin: Triangulation

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I am in the process of writing my first book. I’m not sure about the title yet, but it’s a book about (pick a name) horizontal violence, nurse-to-nurse bullying, nurses eating their young, etc. You get my point. It’s really a self-help book for those of us that
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August 17, 20111

Tips for New Nursing Grads: Target of bullying? Don’t suffer in silence!

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New nurses fear two things when they start their first job: Making a mistake and that the other nurses will eat them alive! Really. I’ve talked with many student and graduate nurses over the years and get the same response: “What if the nurses are mean? Does my
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