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Nurse Bullying and Patient Safety: Understanding the 3 P’s of Safe Patient Care

Nurse Bullying

Disruptive behaviors in healthcare capture the attention of patients, providers, and even the community. You might think I’m talking about workplace violence, which is a concern in healthcare settings. However, I’m referring to bullying and other disruptive behaviors between professionals.  While most of the information shared about nurse bullying and incivility is linked back to the effects on the workforce, it’s critical we understand the impact of disruptive behaviors on patient outcomes. According to an article published…


3 Resiliency Practices to Protect against Disruptive Behaviors in the Workplace

Each day nurses assess patients, develop and deliver a plan of care and evaluate patient’s progress of healing. Nurses also see patients and their families supporting one another, caring for each other and building on strengths to weather the storm. During this process, nurses witness remarkable resilience – that ability to cope with stress / adversity and bounce back even when things are difficult. Some experts have used the metaphor of a tree during a storm to…


When Nurse Bullying Leads To Suicide

As many of you already know, Rhian Collins, a nurse who worked at Cefn Coed Psychiatric Hospital in Swansea, Wales, hung herself in her home. Rhian left behind a fiance and two children. This nurse allegedly committed suicide because of a bullying situation at work. Some say she had other issues and while that may be true, investigators determined that it was the way her work colleagues treated her that caused her unbearable stress. No one…


How Healthcare Leaders Can Spot a Gang in Their Department

Who would ever think cliques and gangs could actually exist in healthcare, especially in patient units?  Oh, but they do. In my experience working with healthcare, both as a police officer working in a big city and with Renee as she works to address workplace bullying, incivility, and violence, I’ve seen and heard the good, the bad and the ugly in how nurses treat each other. What I’ve learned is that being a nurse isn’t easy….


The Sneaky Ways Envy Shows Up As Bullying and Incivility in the Workplace

If you peel back the layers of disruptive behaviors whether it’s bullying, incivility, or workplace violence, you may find an underlying thread of envy felt by the bully, which then gets directed towards the target.  Sometimes this envy isn’t acknowledged or realized by either party, but make no mistake about it, envy is a killer to a professional and healthy work environment. Just ask Michelle… Michelle was thrilled to receive an award at work for her…

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