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Six Critical Communication Tips for Creating Healthy Work Environments

Brenda’s been a manager on a busy, emergency department for almost two years. Brenda and Elaine, the manager of the ICU, started at the hospital together and even received promotions around the same time. They’ve come to support one another through various ups and downs as bedside nurses and now as managers. However, over the past six months, the culture of Brenda’s department has changed. Hospital cuts and re-organization have caused her to make some difficult…


The Four Characteristics of Cohesive Teams

What’s the difference between waking up every day and looking forward to going into work versus feeling like you are about to walk the green mile? Many of us who work in healthcare love the unpredictability of our industry – the life and death situations we face, the mystery diagnoses, and the unique and profound connections we make with other human beings who start out as strangers to us, but whose face and story will forever…


10 Steps to Building Your Resilience


Can you believe that another year is almost over?!? The older I get, the faster the years seem to fly by. It seems like just yesterday I was a young adult venturing out to my first day of being a real nurse. Thirty four years later (yikes!), I sit here at my desk writing to you and sharing ways to strengthen your professional practice. Each year in between has given me insight and experiences, both good…


Resilience: A High Reliability Organization Principle


Leaders know that high reliability is necessary in healthcare, where the consequences of error are high, and margin of error is low. But how do we ensure that our entire team understands the importance of high reliability when they are faced with challenging, ever-changing environments and dissonance in the workplace? A manager working in the ICU is told during her annual review to reduce her number of central line catheter infections and increase her staff satisfaction….


5 Healthcare Leadership Principles from Navy Seals


I’ve learned over the years that healthcare organizations need to do a better job equipping their front line leaders with the skills, strategies, and core principles they need to address and eliminate workplace bullying and incivility. When I perform organizational assessments, what I typically find included in new leader orientation, and ongoing development programs, are topics such as how to do payroll, the schedule, monitor quality metrics, the budget, etc. But what’s missing here? Yes!! How…

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