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How to Respond to a Nasty-Gram

Tammy is an educator who coordinates the nurse residency program at her hospital.  She received an email from one of the front-line managers that immediately elicited a full-blown fight or flight response in her body. The manager basically accused Tammy of being rude to one of her new nurses and for giving them (the new nurses) wrong information regarding the residency program schedule (classes are mandatory, 8 hours, once a month – manager said they were…


Dealing with a Narcissistic Bully

My daughter played basketball and softball almost her entire life.  As a parent of a sports junkie, I have to admit, there were some games when I secretly hoped someone, either us or the other team, would get “10 run ruled.” Which means, that if either team is more than 10 runs ahead in the 6th inning (softball), then the umpire would call the game. Doing so prevented a really good team from annihilating and humiliating…


3 Steps to Claim Your Independence from Bullying in Healthcare

Wen was looking forward to a second career as a nurse. She already had a biology degree and spent 6 years working in a lab but felt the calling to become a nurse. The call happened during the time she spent at the hospital when her mother was recovering from a stroke. She was so impressed by the nurses who cared for her mother. They were smart, extremely attentive to her mother, and showed genuine compassion…


11 Ways to Celebrate your Coworkers

At the Healthy Workforce Institute, we spend a lot of our time talking and writing about bullying and incivility, but let’s take a time-out from all of that! Let’s talk about celebrating those glorious, wonderful coworkers who deserve to be recognized. Yes, I am referring to the nurses and members of the multidisciplinary team who make every day a treat. When you can’t find a pen, they are beside you are offering three.  When you need…


How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Bully – 3 Strategies for Leaders

During my foundational workshop, Cultivating a Healthy Workforce by Eradicating Bullying and Incivility, participants have an opportunity to make a list of behaviors they’ve either witnessed or experienced in their workplace that they consider unprofessional or inappropriate. Dealing with a passive-aggressive employee is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS on the list. You launch a new initiative regarding bedside reporting. During a staff meeting to discuss the details, your most experienced nurse, Kathy, acts like a cheerleader by verbally…

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