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7 Things You Need to Know About Bullies So You Can Stop Them

I’ve spent the last 27 years as a nurse and have witnessed bullying behavior in every role I’ve held. As a new nurse working at the bedside, a homecare nurse, an educator, and even at the executive level – I’ve experienced or witnessed bullying and incivility. Nurse bullying is alive and well, exists in every role, and is present at every level. I got to the point where I was no longer willing to accept nurse…


From Great Staff Nurse to Great Leader: 3 Keys to Success

As a staff nurse in my unit for 11 years I was considered a clinically competent nurse. I loved working in surgical services and felt like I found my niche. After the nurse manager of 26 years retired we went through two more nurse managers in two years. The director of the surgical service line came to me and asked if I would consider applying for the nurse manager role. “The manager position?” I asked. Why…


Stop Studying and Start Doing Something About Bullying in Healthcare

I just returned from the Sigma Nursing Healthy Work Environment Conference. During this conference, nurses from around the world shared their research findings related to cultivating a healthy work environment. While only a small percentage of the presentation topics included bullying or incivility, it was clear that the global nursing community recognizes the negative impact bullying and incivility have on a healthy work environment. The research shared was remarkable!! However, I still got the sense that…


3 Steps to Intervene with an Abrasive Leader

Brad is one of your top managers. From his early beginnings at the hospital as a nursing aide to now running one of the largest hospital units, he’s known for handling crisis situations with efficiency and apparent ease. He sets high expectations for himself and for those who work for him. As a result, his unit has high patient satisfaction scores and runs like a well-oiled machine. Sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, despite Brad’s high productivity and…


Using Curiosity to Deal with a Territorial Coworker

Cheryl had her chair, her computer, and her med cart. Everyone in the ICU knew this; even the physicians, who wouldn’t dare sit in Cheryl’s chair and use her computer if she was in sight.  One night, Liz, one of the newer nurses, sat in Cheryl’s chair to document on her patient – on Cheryl’s computer. One of the techs warned her, “You had better not let Cheryl see you sitting in her chair.” But Liz…

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