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5 Healthcare Leadership Principles from Navy Seals


I’ve learned over the years that healthcare organizations need to do a better job equipping their front line leaders with the skills, strategies, and core principles they need to address and eliminate workplace bullying and incivility. When I perform organizational assessments, what I typically find included in new leader orientation, and ongoing development programs, are topics such as how to do payroll, the schedule, monitor quality metrics, the budget, etc. But what’s missing here? Yes!! How…


5 Ways to Make Sure the Preceptor Isn’t the Bully

Nurse bully preceptors

Sandy was a new nurse and although she was nervous, she was relieved to find out she was one of 4 new nurses hired in her department. At least she wasn’t alone! During their first week of orientation, all 4 nurses were told to stop by the unit to find out who their preceptors would be. They all stood in a line as the manager told each nurse who would precept them. John’s going to be…


When the Charge Nurse is the Bully

Mean Nurse

Malaya is the charge nurse on an inpatient oncology unit. She is loved by the patients but hated by her colleagues. She takes 4-5 smoke breaks during her 12-hour shift; each 20 minutes long. Because she is the most experienced nurse on the unit, the newer nurses feel unsafe during her absence since they are dealing with blood transfusions and chemotherapy. If she doesn’t like you, watch out because she will make your life miserable by…


3 Types of Empathy Necessary For Effective Leadership


Emily is a newer nurse manager, and it seems her organization, like many other organizations across America, is feeling the effects of the national nursing shortage, coupled with trying to keep its head above water financially. In an effort to effectively use its human capital in a more efficient manner, Emily’s organization made the decision to float staff and increase patient care ratios. Emily found this out during a monthly leadership meeting. She left the meeting…


Enhancing the Patient Experience: 5 Things Nurses Should Never Say

Disruptive behaviors in healthcare impact the employees, the environment, and the patient experience. Thousands of healthcare employees over the years have experienced or witnessed incidents of bad behaviors in the workplace by their colleagues. These behaviors range from eye rolling and gossip to yelling, undermining, and sabotage.  However, out of all of the behaviors listed, the most common behaviors reported by healthcare employees were being yelled at, openly criticized, or mocked in front of others. Unfortunately,…

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