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Classroom Etiquette: Professional competence tips for student nurses

I once had a student who, let’s just say, hadn’t mastered the skill of professional competence. For the entire four hours of class, she slouched forward with her head supported by her hand, as close to the desk as possible without actually touching it. I don’t think she ever looked at me, took notes, or participate in discussions. The worst part was that she sat in the front of the classroom – right in the middle!…


Tips for New Nursing Grads: Beware of the Social Media Sirens

Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Diggs, Google+, etc…heck, you can’t even watch a television show without being bombarded by their social media marketing plugs. Almost everybody has at least a Facebook Page – schools, health care organizations and even the mom and pop shops are utilizing social media to market their business. Thirty percent of the people using Facebook are on the site multiple times a day – me included! It’s great isn’t it?…


Tips for New Nursing Grads: Target of bullying? Don’t suffer in silence!

New nurses fear two things when they start their first job: Making a mistake and that the other nurses will eat them alive! Really. I’ve talked with many student and graduate nurses over the years and get the same response: “What if the nurses are mean? Does my preceptor want to be a preceptor? What if they hate me? Are they nice to new nurses?” Unfortunately, they have every right to be worried.   I once witnessed…

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