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#1 Common Characteristic in All Successful Humans (Nurses Too!)

I study successful people and human behavior. I’m just fascinated by the different ways humans behave.  Think about it…How does someone who grew up in an orphanage or who was locked in a closet and fed dog food grow up to become a world humanitarian and great philanthropist? Versus someone who was born with all of the luxuries of life who turns out to be a psycho killer or drug dealer? It’s fascinating. After watching many…


Shame and Humiliation: A Cyber Bully’s most powerful weapons

I’m a huge TED talk fan and carve out time every week to watch at least one. When I saw a newly released TED talk by Monica Lewinsky, I was intrigued and immediately put time on my calendar to watch. Monica talked about shame – her shame. About humiliation – her humiliation. About how she made a mistake and how her mistake became a media frenzy for cyber bullying. According to Monica, public shaming has…


Shocking Reason Why Nurse Bullying Continues

  Why does nurse bullying continue? So far, I’ve written and shot videos about the first 2 reasons: #1) we accept the behavior as the norm and #2) fear of retaliation. If you haven’t watched these videos yet, you should. Click here to access my YouTube Channel However, what’s the 3rd reason why nurse bullying continues? This may shock you. It’s because managers use silence as a strategy. Yep. Why? Because they don’t know how to…


What is the Best Weapon Against Nurse Bullying?

Imagine a world where nurses went out of their way to support each other. Where you KNEW you could count on your co-workers if you needed help. Where you weren’t spending your time and energy worrying about protecting yourself from the bullies. Taking care of patients, even in our current complex and ever changing environment, would be A LOT easier! The Good News is that you don’t have to be a passive victim and just accept…


Top 3 reasons why nurse bullying continues

I’ve spent the last 8 years learning and researching as much as I could about the topic of nurse bullying.  I kept asking the question, “How can nurses be so compassionate to patients yet so horrific to each other?” I’ve seen nurses almost in a “Jekyll and Hyde” situation where they are smiling while holding their patients hands but as soon as they are away from view, spew venom at their co-workers!! I just don’t get…

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