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The Difference Between Bully Targets and Bully Victims

73% of all nurses report experiencing bullying or witnessing bullying by their nurse colleagues.  Knowing that there are approximately 3.1 million nurses practicing in the United States, more than 2 million of us have experienced or witnessed bullying by our colleagues. We are hemorrhaging good nurses because of nurse bullying – leaving us left with the bullies! Good nurses are leaving the profession because of the physical, emotional, and psychological impact bullying has on a person….


Speaking Up Against Workplace Bullying Can Get You Fired. ENOUGH!

Nancy couldn’t take it anymore. She had silently watched Rachel, the charge nurse, sabotage, intimidate, and torture any nurse she didn’t like. Everyone was afraid of Rachel – even the manager. But when one of the newer nurses, who had a ton of potential, quit because of Rachel’s bullying, Nancy had had enough. She filed a formal complaint with her manager and the director from Human Resources.   2 weeks later, Nancy was called into the…


Nurses Unite Against the View but What About Each Other?

I’m the oldest of 5 kids. My brother, Jerry, is only 10 months younger than me, so when my other siblings were born (in particular – Tina and Erik), Jerry and I quickly found ourselves ganging up on Tina and Erik (Amy was just a baby so she was safe!). By ganging up, I mean we tortured them. Jerry and I would hide from them and watch them cry; we would pretend they were invisible and…


Educating the Public (and Joy Behar) on What Nurses Do

Social media has blown up over the decision Miss Colorado made to put on her nursing uniform and talk about her Alzheimer’s patient AND the female cut down about it on the View. In particular, it was the comment made by Joy Behar, “Why does she have a ‘doctor’s’ stethoscope on?” that outraged millions of nurses. To read and watch video, click here. But is this the first time the public verbalized a false impression of…


3 Action Steps to Take if the Nurse Bully Gets Physical

Jimmy Falon gets a lot of laughs on the Tonight Show when he throws water in his celebrity guests faces. But what if something like this happens in the workplace? As I travel the world helping individuals and organizations eliminate bullying behaviors, I talk with many nurses – and they tell me their stories about bullying. I then use their examples to help others who may be suffering too. I thought I’d share one of the most…

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